What if you could choose the right moments and avoid the least productive times to save you time, effort and resources? These astrology and moon dates will assist with when to move forward and when to conserve energy.


Full moon 2nd October Aries 7.05 am

New Super moon 16th October Libra 6.31 am

Mercury retrograde 14th October Libra – 3rd November Scorpio


Pluto – 25 April – Capricorn – 4th October Capricorn (Regeneration)

Mars – 9 September Aries – 14 November (Re-evaluate)

Neptune – 23rd June Pisces – 29th November Pisces (Intuition)

Chiron retrograde 11 July Aries- 15th December (Healing)

Uranus – 15 August – 1 January 2021 Taurus (Change)


Full moon 2nd October Aries 7.05 am
On the full Moon, is a time to release and let go of any areas in your life that no longer serve your higher purpose, finish off projects, and tidy up, and don’t start anything new on a full moon and over the next 2 weeks.

Moon – past, Intuition, unconscious, emotions, nurturing, feelings
Aries (Fire) – Leader, impatient, risk taker, action-oriented, outgoing, courageous

This Full moon is all about action and initiation, you’ll be pushed along into passionate action from this point onwards. Allow your adventurous side to come out and do something today that you have never done before… create the magic that resides within your heart.
Watch your thoughts, intentions, actions and emotions as everything is very much heightened. You will strongly create in your life that which you focus the energy on.

This Full Moon is a powerful time for creating new intentions in your life. In the knowledge that as you work towards your soul’s highest potential, you are working toward the higher good of all. Aries will present the ‘feeling’ of anything is possible.

Honour your own truth during this Full Moon and remember that every move you make is an opportunity to be authentic. Get grounded in what you want, and everything that “appears” to draw you off course is an illusion waiting for you to see through to the truth of why you are here. Be COURAGEOUS to walk your truth, own your LIGHT and break free from the social conditioning… don’t let others define you. Make a commitment to live your own life and not live the life of the wishes and dreams of another – be it loved ones, family, or your community.


New Super moon 16th October Libra 6.31 am
The New Moon is a great time to set your intentions, write down goals or begin new projects. It’s perfect for new beginnings, sowing seeds, and launching new projects.

Moon – past, Intuition, unconscious, emotions, nurturing, feelings
Libra (Air) – Romantic, indecisive, harmony, social, helpful, co-operative, relationship -centred

The Libra New moon is the perfect time to come together in community, united, bring peace and harmony. It’s all about relationships, you have with yourself, your goals and your relationship with others. This is a time to open up your inner romantic, treat you self to lots of pampering, massage, warm bath, oils and music, but also treat a loved one…. better still, treat each other.

This Libra new moon highlights that underneath the physical facade, we are all the same… and united in our commonality we can change the world for the better. Come together from a heart space, and have gratitude for the amazing array of life on this planet, living in balance and harmony, and honor the unity of all creation.

Pay attention to how you are showing up in your important relationships. What are your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs?
Because chances are if your relationships feel stuck, you don’t have controls over others, consider your own thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that are linked to past patterns. If you find you are re-creating the patterns of the past, a simple shift toward openness, curiosity, and seeing things from a new perspective can bring surprises that open up the flow of love, communication, compassion, and mutual alignment.



Mercury retrograde 14th October Libra – 3rd November Scorpio
Caution with this retrograde cycle, as we will be determine to be more expressive and bold. Mercury retrograde in Libra can bring enough agitation, and nervousness with special influence on drawing wrong conclusions that we may regret later on. There can be many memories surfacing from the past which can trigger frustration as we didn’t respond the way we wanted. Journaling is essential at this time, so you don’t lash out at others.

Mercury retrograde:
Mercury rules all communications such as computers, phones, travel, electronics and all business/personal communications & documentations. This period is asking us to retrace our thoughts and feelings, and to prioritize what is really important to us. We need to be prepared and mentally alert for whatever comes our way, in order to avoid the pitfalls. Knowing that delays and unexpected outcomes are possible, adopt a calm attitude. As we meet each negative with a positive action, we will begin to create a positive force.

It favours anything that begins with the prefix ―re, re-negotiate, re-vamp, re-new, re-vise, re-issue, re-finance. The word retrograde means ―to go back and retrace one‘s steps. This period favours finishing up work or returning to review and complete a project, not starting something new. It can provide new insights into the material. This is not time to make any major commitments or sign any contracts/papers because you will change your mind.

Pay attention to the details, to minimise delays and misunderstandings. General repairs are not favoured. Never purchase anything associated with transportation or communication – car, bicycle, tape recorder, TV or even shoes. Such purchases will not last long or they will be plagued with malfunctions. The biggest annoyance is the frustration and time involved.

It is a fabulous time to go over conversations that may have happened in the past, where you need some closure or a re-negotiation of some deal or agreement. Remember to also attend to the inner intuitive communication. It’s a great time for journaling and taking time to reflect on recent developments and what is important to you.

During its retrograde cycle three times a year, Mercury says, “let’s look at this part of your life more closely.” What part of it are you still resisting?
Why are you here? – Where are you going? – Who and What means the most to you?


Pluto  Retrograde   25 April – Capricorn – 4th October Capricorn Regeneration

Pluto retrograde (Regeneration) 

Pluto retrograde produces the greatest powers of regeneration, death, rebirth, endings and beginnings. People can have a tremendous ability to overcome major illnesses. The Pluto transit helps us to eliminate and release the old, outdated and obsolete in our lives. We are urged to let go of attitudes, thinking or communication patterns, security drives, and rigid emotions. It’s a time to undergo an internal form of house cleaning. Many seek internal cleansings, detoxifying diets, and disciplines that connect with the inner self. It is also a time to revisit some of those old wounds, perceived limitations and purge then out of our lives.

There is an intense power for investigation. Use this time to assess reoccurring patterns of feeling out of control. Where and why do we continually give our power away, and under what circumstances do we react so defensively that we elicit attacks from others? When Pluto goes direct, the focus is for gaining control over professional and financial areas.

The purpose of Pluto in Capricorn is to reorganize society so that we may once again live in harmony with the natural cycles of our planet and the greater Universe. This means complete overhaul of global politics and economics. Pluto in Capricorn exposes the hypocrisy, corruption, and greed rotting the framework of our failing systems. Most importantly, Pluto in Capricorn examines the great imbalance between masculine and feminine energy on our planet, and there will be a return to the ancient matriarchal wisdom as being important.

Pluto turns retrograde 5 months out of the year, as it goes into the deep subconscious underworld, it transform our inner lives. This next journey comes from deep within the soul, and you already know it very well. Pluto Retrograde advances from the inside out, pressurizing the suppressed parts from childhood to bursts out, and bring us closer, to who we must become.


Mars – 9 September Aries – 14 November (Re-evaluate)

Mars retrograde (Re-evaluate)
When Mars goes retrograde vitality is depleted, so that it is never a time to initiate. Mars rules energy, passion, action, initiative and asserting yourself out in the world. “Whoever initiates loses”— a new project, a great love, or an argument. With a new project, it will fizzle out and never really go anywhere. Matters commenced while Mars is retrograde will be frustrated and plagued with disruptions. At this time, people become irritated when activities do not run smoothly. The anger may disrupt indirectly and inappropriately – like getting a traffic ticket when annoyed with your job. During this cycle, never buy anything mechanical, as they will easily break down.

Activities supported are troubleshooting, re-evaluating previously commenced projects, making cuts with ineffective parts of projects, personnel cut-backs and possibly re-hiring individuals who may know how to make the project succeed. Never start anything new! Work with what has been previously commenced and make necessary improvements. Mars Retrograde is similar to Mercury Retrograde in many respects but Mars is associated with action, projects and the energy required to make something succeed. Only when Mars turns direct can they move the energy forward.


Neptune Retrograde  23rd June Pisces – 29th November Pisces (Intuition)

Neptune retrograde (intuition) 

Neptune is the planet of the mysterious, the illusionary, and gain insights from higher states of conscious/awareness/dream state. When Neptune turns retrograde, our feelings are more astute at picking up and perceiving the illusive, focus is on dreams, intuition and all creative pursuits. The illusion is exposed, and it is essential to do something about the perceived problems. Sensory perceptions become more acute, it is important to listen to the “inner voice”.

It can produce psychic overload for sensitives. It is important that you avoid drugs, and stimulants. Protect yourself from addictive personalities, psychic attack, and people who drain your energies. Wearing black tourmaline can funnel off negative energy. As an asset, its excellent for cultivating psychic perceptions.


Chiron retrograde 11 July Aries- 15th December (Healing)

The planet Chiron represents the wounds you carry in yourself through this and other lifetimes especially if you are a healer. During Chiron retrograde, healers can finally heal themselves. It is a unique advantage to heal different parts of your life. Physical health, life’s priorities, questions of the subconscious mind, repressed emotions, and communication work will all take centre stage.

Chiron will address all of these areas of life while focusing on its main goal—to heal the healer. This time helps us to find our voices and use them to transform others. If you are a healer, you may find yourself drained sometimes by overworking yourself and depleting your energy. There is always someone who needs healing, but what about you?

Healers do suffer sometimes from low self-esteem and feeling incomplete. Chiron will have you face these negative feeling and fears to overcome them once and for all. This time period will help you recognize your true self, your potential, your mission, and your gifts as a healer. It will awaken many shamans, energy workers, and healers. It will support us to be more assertive, where we go for what we want, where we draw borders to express our uniqueness.

Chiron in Aries is about the greatest wounds of all – the wound of identity. 

Where do I belong?

Do I even need (or want!) to fit in?

How can I maintain my individuality and be part of a group?

You were born to express the divine in your unique way, to live through your unique gifts, talents, and skills. You are much more than you think. The stars, the whole universe collided so you could be here today. When you allow your true self to shine through, there is no more pain, there is no more wound. You achieve self-realization.


Uranus – 15 August – 1 January 2021 Taurus (Change)

Uranus retrograde (change)
Uranus can spark revolutions, it’s represents humanitarian, freedom loving and unconventional pursuits. Uranus’ retrograde stimulates deep psychological investigation and analysis. It seeks answers that satisfies the mind and explains “Why?” Obviously, this is an excellent time for mental studies that explore human behaviour and psychology. It favours activities that require bursts of inventive and intuitive energy.

When Uranus transits retrograde, it will reawaken freedom urges, what does freedom mean to you, and what needs to change to have freedom, triggers sudden rebelliousness against any ruts or confinement in the life. It’s better to be aware, and process what needs to change, while Uranus is retrograde and actualize the change when it turns direct.



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