This 12- week course, is practical and transformational, if you are an empath, sensitive or intuitive, your intuitive abilities will develop throughout this program.

The most sensitive and intuitive people are also the ones that have almost completely shut down their energetic sensitivity.

We live in a crowded, noisy world, after all. Being wide open energetically can be distracting and overwhelming.

That’s why it’s so important that we develop discipline and technique along with our intuition and access your supportive gifts.

You’ll learn to trust your intuition, trust our spiritual resources to become empowered, clear and grounded.

Many sensitives- intuitive’s go to others to be cleared, but it’s an ongoing process, through therapy and healing work, and it can be slow-going.

This 12 -week course starts on Monday 4th September, having clearer boundaries, you help you manage the stressors and pressure.

The timing is right for you, to begin the new phase of your life and have fun, instead of illness and struggle.

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