Discover the numerology vibration for this month, be guided to receive the best compatible outcome as you focus on aligned flow. By knowing what old patterns to watch out for, it will help you to stay on track.

March 2021: 3+ 2+0+2+1 = 8

March is #8 month, the focus is on Prosperity, Goals, Strength, Rewards, Manifest your Power

When you focus positively on abundance in finances, career & wealth, there will be an easy flowing returns this month. Life supports you if you choose to believe in yourself.

The number ‘8’ represents the infinity symbol, our infinite connection with all of creation. It is also a reminder that what we ‘think, feel and put into action’ is what we create more of in our lives. ‘As Above, So Below’.

In an 8 month, everything within our lives seems to be more magnified so whatever level of consciousness you are holding, expect more of the same … but heaps more! If you are holding a poverty consciousness, expect more outflows this month, conversely if you hold an abundant energy of prosperity… well expect more inflows.

As Einstein once said ‘you cannot resolve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it’. So, in this universal ‘8’ vibration month, allow the reflection of the Universe to bring a wonderful opportunity for healing and growth your way.

Money matters, take action and manifest, balance material and spiritual life, gain strength by overcoming obstacles, focus on prosperity, reap rewards for previous actions, commitment to honour your destiny, tap into your ambition, be efficient and practical.

Shadow: fear of success, doubt of own power to succeed, inability to follow through on goals.


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