The Numerology for 2019, adds up to #3
2019 = 2+0+1+9= 12 = 1+2 = 3
#3 year
Fun, Joy, Celebrating Wins, Creative Self Expression, Social, Pleasure, Connections.
This year we will begin to see some ‘wins’ in your life, all the effort from the last 2 years. In a # 3 year you will have that air of confidence that can make you alluring to others, thus things may tend to fall into your lap this year – be it in business, relationships or your finances.  However, be aware not to say ‘YES’ to everything, as you may end the year on burnout or overload.
Use your charm this year to delegate and free up time to play and celebrate the wins… and if you can ‘bank’ all of that ‘gold finger’ energy, as you may need it in the next year.
Circle of friends, express your inner voice, relax and enjoy pleasurable activities, performing arts, what makes you happy? travel, move forward with optimism, unexpected events.
Guard against: emotional drama, distractions, moodiness, fatigue, impatience.

January 2019….  1 + 2019 = 4
Even though for the whole year being #3, the focus for January is being…
#4 month
Responsibility, Hard Work, Organization, Planning, Take Care of Details, Concentration.
Learning how to align with this #4 month, from a place of Grace & Ease rather than struggle and drain.
A 4 month is your time to make good on all your commitments and take responsibility by walking your talk.  It is an opportunity to reflect on your patterns and how these maybe molded from old beliefs, opinions of others or possibly even playing out stories of past lives.
This is a month of being prepared to break the cycles of old and all that is not working and make fresh decisions from a place of higher purpose and highest soul potential. Roll your sleeves up, and commit to your goals.
Very busy, use logic, manifest ideas step-by-step, security, home, perseverance, focus, commitment, accomplish your goals, lay a foundation as a preparation for the next cycle.
Guard against: working too hard, not relaxing, escaping responsibilities.

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