Become an Inspired Messenger


What happens when we stifle our voice? (Recording now available)

• We speak from uncertainty which leads to poor outcomes
• We conform to others and deny our truth
• We dis-empower our self-respect and personal freedom
• We fly under the radar and play small
• We disconnect from our purpose
• We don’t blossom into our full potential

In a sacred space using ancient wisdom tools, over 90 minutes during this online transmission call, we’ll explore:

• Release the inherited conditioning patterns and blockages
• Strengthen clear healthy boundaries
• Live your courageous and authentic truth
• Activate your core bold expression
• Trust your voice and claim your visibility
• Motivate yourself to fully commit to your goals
• Inspire others as a potent dynamic messenger

As an inspired messenger, your voice is an expression of your unique sacred gifts. Your communication can influence and ignite change within you, your family, friends, circles, clients, and community. When your speech flows and is no longer affected by past fears, and limiting projections, you can connect from a place of joy, confidence and authenticity.

The power of being an inspired messenger will liberate limited or blocked energies, assist the healing of physical conditions and improve your overall health, and vitality. Awaken your sacred expression and open new doorways for you to discover who you truly are, purpose and destiny.

During the powerful healing gateway of the Equinox, the 90-minute transmission, attunement, and release processes, you’ll turn your hopes, dreams and aspirations into reality, as you upgrade the potency of your voice to spark a chain reaction that leads to significant change.

Join the community of Heart -centred people, empaths, sensitives, intuitives, creatives, medicine keepers, mystics, healers, storytellers, artists, and light-workers, who are ready to up-level their success, and take aligned action towards their successful 2020 dreams.

Includes 90 mins tools, meditation, shadow work, release processes, and motivation POWER ACTIONS