Own Your Spotlight – 30 Days



  • Release the barriers to being contracted, shackled and silenced
  • Transform into being radiant, bold, and visible
  • Learn how to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and understood
  • Come out of the shadows, with courage to be daring and assertive

In this 30 day online course you'll FLOURISH and learn:

  • Practical activating techniques and tools to use daily
  • Spiritual awakenings and healing
  • Access Ancient wisdom & shamanic practices
  • Once you learn how to clear sabotaging patterns, you can show up fully in your strength & LIGHT

You may have subconscious blocks that are creating frustration and lack of momentum.

Often there are fears from the past when you were judged and criticised which have established a pattern of hiding your beautiful light.

And hide behind a mask, saying “everything is fine”, but underneath you don’t ask for what you truly want.

And you are too flexible for others, and this suppresses your visibility, and constricts your ability to flourish.

Let me tell you why Reconnecting to your “spotlight’, matters
1. When you reclaim the parts that kept you separate, you can move through and take a stand and shine in a bigger way.
2. When you choose to be seen and heard in a bigger way, know there is a solar flame burning inside of you…that wants to grow in greater ways.
3. You’ll emanate a quality that draws people in, knowing they can trust you.

I have lived through this journey myself, as I used to be painfully shy, lacked confidence, and carried this fear and conditioning for years.

Because of that I missed opportunities! It also affected my health, connection to others, and expression, because I wasn’t standing out using my gifts.

I was out of alignment with my true self-worth and value.

Have you experienced something similar?

Having overcome this, today I know how big this pattern is for many of my clients, and I have helped them to move beyond the shadows, trust themselves and shift into magnetic radiance. That’s what I want for you!

I invite you to join me, ignite your inner torch and shift from:
• Frustration into joy & flow
• Distraction into focus & trust
• Depletion into inspiration & enthusiasm
• Blocks into motivation & momentum
• Doubt into confidence & authenticity

Awaken your positive visibility, being radiant and magnetically call in golden opportunities.

As you step up into your ‘spotlight’, you begin to heal your body, your health and relationships, and amplify your healing abilities, everything begins to change… EVERYTHING!!

There is an opportunity to breakthrough, ignite your radiant soul flame and fully charge up your energy to fulfil your dreams.

Imagine after 30 days... you’ll be ready to embrace your wholeness, harness your Light and being assertive, to show up in your own life in a way that is authentically you.

Includes 4 x 1hr training calls, transmission, attunements, tools, meditations, release processes, play-sheets, videos, and motivation POWER ACTIONS. This course is valued at $700.