Own Yr Spotlight – 30 Days


  • Release the barriers to being contracted, shackled and silenced
  • Transform into being radiant, bold, and visible
  • Learn how to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and understood
  • Come out of the shadows, with courage to be daring and assertive

In this 30 day course you'll FLOURISH and learn:

  • Practical activating techniques and tools to use daily
  • Spiritual awakenings and healing
  • Access Ancient wisdom & shamanic practices
  • Clear sabotaging patterns, so you can show up fully in your strength & LIGHT

If you want to finally turn your life into a series of golden opportunities…

If you want to be propelled forward with your purpose with no excuses…
If you’re already feeling good about your life, but know there is more…

Imagine after 30 days... you’ll be ready to embrace your wholeness, harness your Light and being assertive, to show up in your own life in a way that is authentically you.

Includes 4 x1hr training calls, transmission, attunements, tools, meditations, release processes, play-sheets, videos, and motivation POWER ACTIONS.