I offer personalised mentoring, with a strong focus on the mind, where together we unlock the limitations, and blocks. Specific strategies uncover all those layers that have become a challenge in your life, reprogramming core negative beliefs and supporting the return to a calm state of mind.

Mindfulness and relaxation are incorporated with techniques and healing tools from the Alkymia Energie Healing (TM) program training, you can reconnect to inner peace and restore tranquility back into your life.

These sessions will support you to discover, address and resolve the deeper root causes of your fears, frustrations, anxieties, depression and other mental and emotional challenges. The process re-integrates the mind, bringing the conscious, and subconscious back into a harmonious alignment. You’re mood will shift, taking the steps towards relaxed, empowered, confident thoughts, unlocking self- trust, knowing you have all the answers within.

Wins from Anita: I was able to let go of worry, expecting the worst, and being affected by drama, and difficult relationships. Now have the tools to maintain balance, and I am so excited about my bright future

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Discover your soul gifts, own your spiritual power, activate your life purpose.