You are different from the mainstream, and using your unique gifts can create a profitable, sustainable business by just being you. When you honour your intuition is the best way to build your soul-based business. Your success formula is different as your business is a divinely led creation from your soul and know that you are here to thrive both financially and spiritually. Your passion and will lead you to your soul-ful success. As you support your soul biz, as a life, health or business coach, yoga teacher, healer, holistic therapist, body-worker, thought-leader, visionary, mindfulness expert, meditation teacher, retreat leader or spiritual woman who is ready to start or grow your business; your spirituality is an integral part that will naturally guide and bring success to your biz.

Using all the resources at your disposal such as sales, and marketing, but you have another tool available, and those that use their intuition have an added advantage, which brings fortunate outcomes.

Here are 7 ways to enhance your soul- based business with your spirituality:

1.    Sit quietly with your mistakes

Most of us want to avoid our mistakes. They create too much discomfort. But mistakes have always been a primary way that humans learn. Embrace your mistakes by sitting quietly and examining the source of your error. How much would your business be enhanced if you put things in place so those mistakes didn’t happen again? What did you learn from those mistakes?

2.    Set your intentions high

Get in touch with your Soul and Inner Guidance and realize how great and successful your business could become when you bring all of you to the table. All your intuitive gifts! Set a big exciting goal and stick to it. Most substantial goals aren’t met because an easier goal reveals itself along the way. Easy goals are great and big goals are greater! Use the power of high intentions and be consistent.

3.    Let go

Learn to forgive and move on. That includes forgiving yourself. Learn from challenges and then release yourself from them. Holding on to a grudge or the past negatively affects you and your business.

4.    Allow your Spirit to guide your business

Logic and quantification have their place in any business, but the most successful businesses have much more guiding their decisions. Trust your Inner Guidance and intuition, this rules.

5.    Be enthusiastic about the unknown

It’s only necessary to see the next step clearly. Everything else might be a bit murky and that’s okay. Any impressive accomplishment has at least a bit of the unknown. Clarity comes when you take the next step.

6.    Meditate on challenges

Getting upset by challenges is similar to a reflex. It’s possible to develop a more effective habit. Meditate on your business challenges and calmly seek a solution.

7.    Show gratitude

To feel gratitude, you must first focus on those things for which you’re thankful. Take a few minutes each day and feel gratitude for each of the things that bring you joy or satisfaction in your business. At the very least, it will create a more positive state of mind. Are you currently using your spirituality to your advantage in your business? If not, you’re ignoring a great source of Guidance and strength. Give your spirituality the priority it deserves and apply it to your business activities. You’ll have a significant advantage over others.

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