Intuition is one of the most fantastic tools at our disposal, yet it is the most suppressed and often least trusted of all senses.

In fact according to Carl Jung, intuition is one of the four basic functions of the human brain. Intuition is a unique form of communication we have within ourselves and with ourselves. When the subconscious mind passes information to the conscious mind for example, this is a form of inner communication that enables us to see and feel things differently and notice things we can not explain by logic. Once we channel into this special form of inner communication, or communication with our Higher Selves, we can benefit from it in many ways.

When you learn to use this 6th sense accurately and reliably, it can save you money, energy, and a lot of frustration. Our intuition can show you the quickest way towards a desired goal and keep you on path. It can even help you embrace your life purpose and avoid unnecessary roadblocks on our path.

Most people unfortunately only turn to their intuition when faced with uncertainty around a major life decision. It becomes a last resort, and when accessed in fear it will often be a distorted message.

When you are in tune with your intuition, you develop an innate sense of what path is right for you. You don’t waste your resources on little detours that lead nowhere. You are on a direct path to growth and fulfillment, and life runs more smoothly. Wonderful synchronicities and happy coincidences happen frequently. Doors of opportunity that you may otherwise have missed become obvious.


1.    SPEND TIME ALONE: Taking time out to be with your essential self will allow you to be mindful and present so you can connect with your own energy signature. This will provide you with the space to connect inwards and develop a stronger connection with the wise one within. This will improve your discernment between what is a thought and what is intuition insight.

2.    LISTEN TO YOUR BODY: Start tuning into your body’s signals and notice what it is communicating to you. Start to notice the physiological and physical signs that your body uses to notify you of information that is important to you. Your energy body will pick up on intuitive information, before your mind can catch up. Notice what your body is telling you.

3.    STOP ASKING FOR ADVICE: Turning to others for advice for everyday challenges can disconnect you from your own power as it sends a message to your unconscious mind that your inner self cannot be trusted. Start to turn to your inner guru instead of continually asking other people for their advice or opinion. Over time you will develop a stronger reliable connection with your inner wise one within.

Make the time to reconnect with nature, plant and animal kingdoms will expand your soul consciousness, and begin to open up to spiritual transmission.  Nature will ground us, making us anchor and connect, feel relaxed to clearly receive intuitive messages.

5.    DIGITAL DETOX: Unplug from digital media as it can distort your electromagnetic frequency. It interferes with the clear transmission of your own guidance.

6.    DREAM JOURNAL: Keep a dream journal and record any symbols, colours, themes and feelings you recall frequently. Pay attention to the messages being relayed in dream-scape, your intuition will reach you. Pay attention to the emotional energy of the dream rather than intellectually interpreting the symbols.

7.    MEDITATE: Meditation allows you to be present. Your intuition will not be able to clearly access your conscious mind if you are not in a state of conscious awareness. Meditating helps to de-clutter your mental and emotional junk that can distort intuitive messages. By being in the present moment, you are a clear channel for spiritual transmission.

8.    GET CREATIVE: Engaging in creative activities disrupts your monkey mind. When you are engaged in a creative activity you are in an different state of consciousness which connects to deepen your intuition. Music, reading, writing, painting or any other hobby that enables you to drop deeper into your subconscious mind and start accessing a state of inner flow.

9.    TRUST YOUR GUT: Notice your feelings and thoughts as a different form of communication and information. Do not dismiss these flash images. Pay attention to your initial feeling when you meet someone or when you go to a place. Each situation is full of signs and symbols. Allow yourself to drop into your belly and get out of your head.

10.    JOURNAL: Make time to connect with your inner self and reflect on moments in your day. Take notes every time you notice and feel your intuition is communicating something to you. Track your progress and over time you will start to realise where your intuition was in fact right and you will learn to trust it even more.  Celebrate yourself when you go with your intuition and it worked in your favour as this will encourage you to keep trusting yourself and developing your intuitive sense.

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