Rising Stars – 6 Months

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This advanced mastery course, is for sensitives with spiritual, intuitive experience, and ready to take the next quantum level in their healing, to create true transformation.

In this 6- month certification course you'll amplify all your multi-dimensional gifts to actualize your life purpose, embody your true power & open new doorways to abundant opportunities.

This Advanced Certification course is for those who have spiritual awareness and want to expand and amplify their gifts, and are ready to take it the next level in their healing practice (6 months)

  • Advanced Space Clearing techniques, and ley lines
  • Aligned discernment - connections to higher guides
  • Process of Spiritual Initiations, role of crisis to the path of rebirth
  • Accessing the “shadow” for deeper realms of healing
  • Advanced Ancient Egyptian tools and doorways
  • Akashic Records- past lives
  • Healing Timelines from generational imprinting and conditioning
  • Advanced chakra and auric field clearings
  • Ritual practices and a deeper relationship with the “sacred medicine wheel” of life
  • Shamanic doorway to the elemental kingdom -animal guides and nature spirits
  • Opening healing portals to other healing dimensions
  • Weaving multi- intuitive gifts aligned to your soul purpose
  • Working with the power of the seasons and moon cycles
  • Discerning clear intuitive communication
  • Being of service to others, animals, environment
  • Astrology updates, oracle card spread on full and new moons
  • Sacred wealth abundance, prosperity & manifestation
  • Developing your thriving business
  • Healthy tribe of colleagues to call on for support

Certification includes over the 6 months:

  • 6 x 60 min individual private session (1 per month)
  • 90 Min LIVE Trainings + Q&A for personalised support + REPLAYS
  • “Step-by-Step” videos, meditations and reflection playsheets
  • 6 x Monthly healing- energetic modules + ongoing updates
  • 24-WEEKS: Private email and What's App support
  • The world needs more inspired healers, like you!


Membership Portal❤️

There is a beautifully designed and easy to navigate membership portal where you can visit to access the resources, watch replays, PDF’s and play sheets and dive into your magic.

Intuitive Healing Attunements❤️

Join Mariangela LIVE for zoom gatherings, for the private group for clearings and healing. As an alchemist she channels many multi-dimensional beings that want to support your growth and expansion!

Gathering for Nature’s Cycles❤️

Connect with each seasonal cycle, and understand the healing gateways, using practical ways to celebrate and honour each of the powerful seasonal and celestial points of the Year (Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, Lion’s gateway and healing 11:11, and 12:12 portal activation days).


Each class will provide insight and wisdom about developing and growing your intuition, psychic abilities and healing gifts. All classes come with accompanying exercises or workbooks to further help you process and integrate the material. Replays are available should you not be able to attend live.

New moon & Full moon Oracle Card Guidance❤️

Each month has its magical correspondences (colours, flowers, animal totems, crystals, spiritual intentions and shadow clearing) that relate to each moon cycle. Learn to live in harmony with the moon and seasons, so your life will flow as you begin to listen and trust, when to move forward and when to rest and lay low, which will guide you towards your purpose and destiny.

Planetary Wisdom & Astrology❤️

Learn and discover what astrological energies are swirling and how to best work with them, and navigate your path for better health, relationships, healing business and opportunities.

A Private Group❤️

Connect with other like-minded heart centered souls, in a private group. This is a place where you can authentically express who you are. It’s the safe and inclusive space to start up conversations about spiritual, intuitive, magical and holistic living, and receive the support of a soul aligned community. Here you will receive accountability to support your success. Begin each day with empowering thoughts and suggestions on how to live more magical, on task, empowered and divinely connected.

The Multi-Dimensional Classroom: Students engage through many channels of contact, including group tele-class conference calls plus replays, activations, attunements, video training, modules, a private group, private one-to-one mentoring calls. We wrap up with your inspired POWER actions, to motivate you for each week.

When we work together with a sacred partner, we rise up, stretch deeper and further into our power, because having a guide is essential to navigate the path ahead successfully.

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