Alkymia's Courses

Connect, empower and collaborate with other sensitive souls. Be guided to use your spiritual gifts, gain freedom and create deep transformation in the world. Alkymia courses are designed to specifically illuminate the blind spots and target the blockages that are hindering your progress.

“The course has been truly transformational, providing profound healing, deep, grounded powerful practical tools that will forever be a part of my practice.”

Alex, Shiatsu practitioner, Transformational Healer

“The woman I am today, can’t compared to who I was, having deeply forged a beautiful connection to who I am, grounded and aligned to my body, soul, true purpose, and my shining radiance.”

Nicci, Transformational Speaker, Kineisologist

“Mariangela’s high level of knowledge, content, ethics, professionalism and leadership is beyond comparison, with extraordinary compassion.”

Jane, writer, Counsellor