Your Sacred Scars – 12 weeks

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Have you ever wondered if there is power behind your sacred scars?

If you know you are a healer, and have a passion to do more, but something is getting in the way…

You may even feel like you are not ready, and something is holding you back from the healing you are meant to do.

But if your sacred scars are not tended to and healed you won’t be able to live to your fullest potential and it will manifest in other ways.

You may procrastinate and sabotage your progress, you may have health issues, difficulties with relationships, are challenged in the way you express yourself; you may feel like you don’t belong, have cycles of worry, struggle, restrictions, scarcity, distrust and disappointment, and because of these shadow parts, you may even want to give up on your dreams.

These scars leave marks that don’t fade away if they are not tended to, but know that they no longer define you.

Instead your sacred scars have refined who you are, by alchemising the past, your inner gold, and unique magic and medicine has been revealed, the work you are here to do in the world.

Your sacred scars show that have been through challenges, pain and difficulties, and it’s for a reason, and now it is time to harness the power that is yours.

That pain holds a story and a gift.

For healers, there is usually a period that you have gone through, as a crisis or sickness or trauma, because of your experience of suffering you are being called to help others.

You have gone through an "initiation" by the spirits, as you are meant to heal yourself and then you can share your experience and wisdom to help others.

You have changed and transformed after your challenges, and now have deeper access to your gifts.

Now is the time for you as a healer, to heal your past hurts, and close those wounds.

The scars from the past are not a weakness, they are your greatest magic and medicine.


That is exactly why I created this program: Your Sacred Scars, so that you can…

Be initiated into the 12 Sacred Soul Scars, as you go through the right of passage of each one, which has masked your sacred gifts, you will heal your past, hurts and struggles and transform the difficulties. They become your greatest strengths, assets, and keys to your brilliance.

During our 12 weeks together, you will:

  • Transform your mind by disrupting the fear response and finally be calm
  • Rewire your brain from uncertainty to trust
  • Master spiritual practices that increase your confidence
  • Train your brain to access deep centres of peace
  • Move out of scarcity and become the inspired creator of your life
  • Release spiritual & karmic wounds
  • Overcome the sabotaging patterns that are holding you back
  • Release self-doubt & the imposter syndrome
  • Heal your fear of rejection
  • Serve, make a difference and attract wealth doing what you love
  • Harness true prosperity and abundance
  • You will know, access and embody your true Light & Brilliance


As you alchemise the past and take steps to recognise your full potential and mission, you’ll receive divine wisdom and guidance to amplify your gifts as a healing channel, and change your life, and those around you, making a difference. Create and live a life with more joy, ease, flow, confidence, courage, delight, and abundance, making your dreams a reality.

Let me take your hand as a mentor and spiritual coach with 30 years’ experience, to transform your past, and birth your new future. As I hold space for your deep inner work, knowing how to guide you through the shadows, find your true self and discover your healing magic. You will utilise ancient skills and techniques to understand your fears, and transcend the past, so you can cleanse your heart and soul from past karma and fully step into your full radiance.

The world needs those who have come through the fire and are now able to take the hand of those still trying to find a way through.

By accessing your soul calling, you’ll expand into the quantum field of possibilities and up- level your ability to receive support on all levels, so that you can manifest your goals, purpose and destiny.

This is only for healers who are ready to truly dive into their sacred scars and be open to the deep healing process.


Your Sacred Scars course includes:

  • Individual private sessions
  • Trainings + Q&A for personalised support
  • Step-by-Step videos, meditations and reflection playsheets
  • Weekly healing- energetic modules + ongoing updates

Membership Portal❤️

There is a beautifully designed and easy to navigate membership portal where you can visit to access the resources, watch replays, PDF’s and play sheets and dive into your magic.

Intuitive Healing Attunements❤️

Join Mariangela LIVE for zoom gatherings, and in our private group for clearings and healing. As an alchemist she channels many multi-dimensional beings that want to support your growth and expansion!

Gathering for Nature’s Cycles❤️

Connect with each seasonal cycle, and understand the healing gateways, using practical ways to celebrate and honour each of the powerful seasonal and celestial points of the Year (Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, Lion’s gateway and healing 11:11, and 12:12 portal activation days).


Each class will provide insight and wisdom about developing and growing your intuition, psychic abilities, healing gifts and magnetically attract your ideal clients and tribe. All classes come with accompanying exercises or workbooks to further help you process and integrate the material. Replays are available should you not be able to attend live.

New moon & Full moon Oracle Card Guidance❤️

Each month has its magical correspondences (colours, flowers, animal totems, crystals, spiritual intentions and shadow clearing) that relate to each moon cycle. Learn to live in harmony with the moon and seasons, so your life will flow as you begin to listen and trust, when to move forward and when to rest and lay low, which will guide you towards your purpose and destiny.

Planetary Wisdom & Astrology❤️

Check into our private group to find out what the astrological guidance is for the day. Discover what energies are swirling and how to best work with them, and navigate your path for better health, relationships, healing business and opportunities.

A Private Group❤️

Connect with other like-minded heart centered souls, in a private group. This is a place where you can authentically express who you are. It’s the safe and inclusive space to start up conversations about spiritual, intuitive, magical and holistic living, and receive the support of a soul aligned community. Here you will receive accountability to support your success. Begin each day with empowering thoughts and suggestions on how to live more magical, on task, empowered and divinely connected.

The Multi-Dimensional Classroom: Students engage through many channels of contact, including group tele-class conference calls plus replays, activations, attunements, video training, modules, a private daily Facebook group, private one-to-one mentoring calls. We wrap up with your inspired POWER actions, to motivate you for each week.

The world needs more inspired healers, like you!

This is only for those who are ready to truly dive into their sacred scars and be open to the deep healing process.

Contact ME so that you learn how to work with me ❤️