Discover your soul gifts, own your spiritual power, activate your life purpose.

Welcome, Mariangela has created Alkymia, a sanctuary, and mystical school to awaken your transformation into your full potential. The emphasis is on reconnection to those parts of the body, mind and spirit that through the course of life events, have been disconnected.

Releasing layers of negative beliefs, revealing your wisdom and life path, enabling you to reach your potency on all levels. The transformational path is supported by using the body's innate wisdom, strength and regeneration, and restores joy and wellness.


Mind, Body, Spirit

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Alkymia's Courses

Be guided to discover your spiritual gifts, gain freedom and create deep transformation within yourself and others. The Alkymia Mystical School courses are designed to specifically illuminate the blind spots, transcend the blockages that hinder your progress, and liberate your greatest spiritual super powers.

“I have grown to claim my voice, empathic empowered leadership and deep trust to embrace my mission with all the support, love, care and guidance you have given me.”

Wins from Norma

“Mariangela’s courses and consults have been life changing, and come from a place of honesty, generosity and support; you can trust her advice.”

Love from Brooke

“Mariangela’s nurturing combination of knowledge, gift and intuition has been foundational to my spiritual growth and healing.”

Love from Anita

Receive inspirational guidance from Mariangela to help you shift from uncertainty to trust