Manifest with the Medicine Wheel- 30 Days


When we feel stuck, it can be hard to focus on and keep stepping towards the greater vision for our lives.

You may be feeling uninspired, indecisive, and uncertain about how to manifest your desires?

It can feel challenging to pursue something different and change, perhaps you are considering that new career path, want to grow your biz, attract a new relationship, improve your health or write that book when there is so much uncertainty around you.

The external circumstances in our world are not the primary obstacle to success.

The biggest threat is our MINDSET and response to these circumstances.

You may be wondering how to easily and effectively master how to attract the perfect opportunities, and trust your intuitive wisdom, so that you can effortlessly create a life of joy, abundance, and freedom?

Or perhaps are ready to boost your abundance in your biz, but frustrated with your lack of clarity about where to focus next, disconnected from your authentic confidence and power, stuck in old patterns of feeling “not good enough” to pursue your dreams, but yearn to create something BIG but not knowing how to do it?

I’ll help you discover your prosperity blueprint and give you my signature 4-step system based on the Shamanic Medicine Wheel and the power of the four directions to clarify & create your dream reality, so that you can:

  • Ditch stress, overwhelm, effort, and struggle for peace, flow, ease, and centeredness.
  • Stop saying yes to anything that’s not in alignment with your spirit.
  • Release any subconscious limits standing in the way of your desires.
  • Understand how you send out mixed signals that produce inconsistent results.
  • Strengthen your trust and self-belief that you can succeed.
  • Forge an unshakable connection with your inner resources, trust, wisdom and power.
  • Break free from the root cause of patterns of feeling invisible and isolated.
  • Connect to your brilliance and generate real prosperity.
  • Have the courage and conviction to move forward without being held back by fear.
  • Become unstoppable and be excited to move into inspired action.
  • Draw in continuous magic, miracles, and synchronicities to drive your true-life path filled with joy, connection, freedom, meaning, purpose, and abundance.

This is for you,

if you are in transition, have experienced a personal challenge — a difficulty, loss of something, health issues, frustration, and perhaps are ready to boost your abundance in your biz, but can’t move through the old restrictions?

Or, you already know about the precious gifts inherent in the ancient healing art of shamanism and are curious to know more.

What you’re experiencing in your life — including where you feel stuck or blocked and how well you’re manifesting your desires — is linked to the flow (or lack of flow) of energy in your physical and emotional energy bodies and how you’re connected to the energies of your ancestors, in the natural world, and the people in your life.

We all hold the knowledge of the shamanic approach to life in our own DNA, in our bones, and because of this, shamanism is Indigenous to everyone.

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient shamanic “map” that refers to the energetic forces all around us — in each direction, North, South, East, and West, as well as Above (the Heavens) and Below (the Earth) — and organizes them for us.

The power of the Medicine Wheel to help clear the way for the transformations and manifestations you crave.

You will find deeper connection, peace, growth, love and abundance as you reconnect back to the path of the heart.

It’s also a path of learning how to harness your inner power and your prosperity signature. This requires an understanding of how to honour and work with energies — those within you, in all 4 directions, 4 elements and in all realms.

There are only two paths forward you can take:

One will contract into scarcity and lack…
And the other will expand into possibility and power to shape your own successful destiny.

Unless you’re planning on doing something radically different, chances are doing it on your own, a week from now you’ll be in the same place as today.

And I don’t want this to continue for you.

There is another path ❤️

In this 30 - day course you'll learn how to:

Using the shamanic medicine wheel you’ll receive weekly transmissions to learn:

  • How to release the energetic patterns of scarcity stored in your body
  • How to make the transformation of your desired vision into the physical realm
  • How to move with the 4 directions – 4 elements to manifest your goals effortlessly
  • How to transcend your weaknesses, into strengths and course correct on track in your life

You’ll receive the 4x 60 min transmissions, attunements, and release processes, to turn your hopes, dreams and aspirations into reality, as you upgrade the prosperity signature, to spark a chain reaction that leads to significant change, fortunate outcomes and abundance.

Join the community of Heart - centred people, to awaken shamans, energy workers, intuitives, creatives, medicine keepers, mystics, healers, counsellors, psychics, storytellers, artists, and light-workers, who are ready to manifest a new future, create the best possible success using your amazing talents and abilities, and realize your dreams.

Includes 4x 60 mins transmissions, tools, meditations, shadow work, release processes, and motivation POWER ACTIONS.