Astrology Answers

Astrology Answers

What if you could choose the right moments and avoid the least productive times to save you time, effort and resources? By using astrology and the moon dates to align with the opportune dates that will assist you to move forward and when to conserve energy and stop costing time. By understanding the energy of each phase, you can begin to connect and work with the cycles in a deep way and have a better understanding of how they might influence your life. Astrology is a powerful tool that helps you to progress towards your purpose as you use your strengths and pivot beyond your limits into your greatest soul gifts.

Harnessing moon power

In this phase, the moon is between earth and sun, and is not visible on earth, there is no illumination (except during a solar eclipse). The darkness denotes the beginning, an instinct for birthing. The seed, as a symbol, is beneath the ground, and represents the germination stage, where you can initiate the emergence of something new by setting your intentions for what you wish to grow.

The energy from the New Moon up to the Full Moon (waxing) is gradually building in strength and intensity. The New Moon is a great time to set your intentions, write down goals or begin new projects. Consider sitting in ceremony or meditation and writing down your intentions & inner-most heartfelt manifestation desires for the new lunar cycle.

New Moon Manifesting Ritual: A great new moon ritual you can do to make the most of the powerful energies, is to write down your list of desires and intentions for the next month. Be creative and connect to the feeling of your manifestations as if they are happening right now and use the present tense in your sentences. This one of the keys to manifestation, so stay open to any opportunities, ideas or signs and make sure you take action.

Full Moon

At this phase, the moon, earth and sun are aligned, but the moon is on the other side of the earth directly opposite the sun. The entire illuminated portion can be seen on earth, full and round. The seed is at full bloom, and represents fertility, transformation, completion and abundance. It is a potent time for improving your psychic abilities, receiving guidance, healing and magic, the evening before this phase can be perfect for recharging your energy. During this time if you are sensitive the full moon (especially if it is in your sign) can create tension, polarity and intense thoughts and emotional behaviour and dreams are amplified.

From Full Moon to the New Moon (waning) the energy is gradually decreasing in size, strength and intensity… it is a time to release and let go of any areas in your life that no longer serve your higher purpose. LOVE your shadow aspects and let go of the ‘stories’ that inhibit you from shining. Don’t start anything new on a full moon, finish off projects, and tidy up. During the Waning phase, the energy is slowing moving inward, a time for inner-reflection, review and contemplation.

Full Moon Releasing Ritual: The Full Moon is a perfect time to create a little ceremony, light a candle to create a sacred space of ritual and establish an aligned connection with Spirit, angels and guides, be in deep gratitude for what has come to completion. Write down a list of anything you wish to release from your life, whether that be relationships, health, creativity, abundance, work or business. Honour your strengths, accomplishments, realisations, personal growth & expansion during this cycle. Crystals, meaningful jewellery can be exposed to the moon to cleanse and charge up with the moon’s healing energy.


Eclipses always come in pairs – the solar eclipse happens during the new moon and then the lunar eclipse occurs during the full moon, and they are always two weeks apart. The next pair comes approximately 5-6 months later. Eclipses come with a family of signs (eg Cancer & Capricorn) with a theme for 2 or 3 cycles (12-18months) to advance to a new level.

During eclipse is not a favourable time to start a new beginning, avoid starting a business, getting married, applying for a promotion, or an event. Eclipses are good for going on a retreat, starting a therapy, ending a relationship, quitting a job, and house cleansing

A Lunar Eclipse guides to transcend negative patterns/old beliefs within the shadow self, anything holding you back. A Solar Eclipse ‘obscures’ the forward vision, reflect on the present and re-evaluate the steps to moving forward.

Eclipses are powerful catalysts for change

Eclipses provide an energetic opportunity to evolve and advance, heal and clear the past so that you can begin a new path feeling lighter and clearer. It’s a process of transformation that initiates positive change for greater levels of awareness, intuitive insight towards your desires. As you end an old cycle, you enter a new one, take time to meditate to tap into the hidden revelations, higher insight and guidance that is being revealed.

Retrograde Planets

When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to be spinning backward. The Earth is completing its orbit around the planets outside its orbit, at times will outpace them, much like a speeding train passing a slower one. The planet that’s being passed will appear to stop and move backward, when it completely passes the planet’s orbit, the motion appears normal again, and the planet is said to be “direct”.

What’s useful about retrogrades?
The prefix re- means to go back, retrogrades are a time to polish up projects already started, or revamp old ones, they help us revisit the past, to finish all the things we’ve started or strengthen our plans, and move forward on a stable foundation. Past issues resurface, giving you a chance to reconnect, revise, resolve and renew.

Retrogrades by planet
Mercury retrograde: Get in touch with old friends and contacts, back up devices and data, edit and clarify your thoughts, focus on writing project study.

Venus retrograde: Heal any issues in your relationship or blocks to love, gain closure with an ex…or reunite if the timing is better. Make peace with a friend.

Mars retrograde: Learn how to handle pressure and conflict more effectively, release a grudge, slow down and practice patience. Focus on exercise and speak your truth.

Outer planet retrogrades (approx. five months of the year)

Jupiter retrograde: Perfect time to go deep within for understanding, empowerment, to support our own inner growth. Revisit projects, spiritual study and ignite inner potential.

Saturn retrograde: Re-assess commitments, relationships, and responsibilities. Define boundaries, finally say NO, rethink goals, career path and how you give your power away.

Uranus retrograde: Stimulates deep psychological investigation and intuition. Reconnect with a humanitarian cause, triggers rebelliousness against feeling confined.

Neptune retrograde: Focus on creative project, intuition, healing, explore spiritual studies. Protect against co-dependent and draining people, and psychic overload.

Pluto retrograde: Explore your “shadow”, release old fears and limiting beliefs patterns. Remove toxic energies, inner cleanse, decluttering, release where you feel out of control.

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