The Taurus New Moon partial Solar eclipse on 1st May at 6:28 am AEST will be stirring and shaking up the past to help you release the old feelings of unworthiness, which will help you move out of your comfort zone.

What’s not working and aligned with your true essence is rising to the surface, being amplified and wanting to be released completely.

We are all experiencing “small deaths”, as those parts of our life that we no longer need are being shed.

What I’ve found helps during this eclipse time is to let go and just surrender to the inevitable cleansing and clearing that’s taking place.

It makes the shift more manageable, so we can gracefully ride the flow, knowing and trusting that change will allow space for rebirth and new beginnings.

It feels like everything is being recalibrated, and longing for reconciliation and balance.

During this rebirth time, you can unlock your great power❤️

Although things may feel intense and heavy in this awakening, we can consciously invite and celebrate the process when we’re aware of what’s happening. Knowing there is gold on the other side of this struggle.

We can choose to shift our thoughts, beliefs and old patterns and replace them with new ones that better match the higher frequency of the light beings we truly are.

The Taurus eclipse will shift to your self-worth, so bring attention to where you hold your worth and feelings of unworthiness and “I am not good enough.”

Increase your self-love as this is the remedy to boosting your self-esteem, confidence, and courage. The more you raise your self-value, it will directly influence and boost how much prosperity to let into your life.

It’s time to reflect, re-evaluate and release anything you may be hanging or clinging onto, even when you know they’re not healthy or good for you, on the physical and non-physical planes.

This new beginning will unlock a greater power within, and will propel you forward so you can create a bigger vision that you haven’t thought possible.

❤️more joy & love in your heart

❤️deep healing

❤️thriving & flourishing

❤️harmony for our Earth

If you are unsure how to access your unawakened gifts or how to live your most powerful purpose?

Let me guide you through this metamorphosis to bring out your greatest gifts, and create a life of freedom, happiness, creativity and magic.

Live on Purpose … Change the World! ❤️

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