The Mystic Woman’s Compass

Shift your struggles, activate your incredible superpowers and ignite the courage to live your destined life.

Has life been nudging you for more?

Are you ready to live on purpose so you can change the world?

If this book called out to you, you’re likely ready for a profound change so that you can experience your life differently.

You may even be at a turning point, standing at a crossroads where you can choose to become your most fabulous self, rather than continuing on the same old predictable path.

What would it look like to choose something different? How would it feel? What else is possible?

The stories, wisdom, teachings, and techniques offered to you in this book are designed to answer these questions, and help you to awaken your gifts and ignite the courage to live your destined life.

“If your deep sensitivity has felt like a struggle, The Mystic Woman’s Compass offers you a pathway to transform your sacred scars into medicine to step into the healer, priestess, and shaman that you are here to be in this lifetime!” ~ Jaime Lee Goldstein

In The Mystic Woman’s Compass, you will discover:

• Learn to trust your intuition to confidently guide your decisions.
• The positive impact of setting boundaries, in all parts of your life.
• Sacred spaces – how to create one to help with your healing journey.
• A simple yet effective way to step into your superpower as an empath.
• Discover how to clear in inherited beliefs that keep you trapped.
• Transform your struggles and liberate your greatest gifts.
• Forever shift your relationship with yourself and others.
• The soul-fueled steps to being a force for change and peace.
• The most important techniques you need during this evolutionary time.


  • Cutting the Cords process: Fast track your reconnection to Source & gain clarity, trust and confidence in your gifts
  • Discover how to create a sacred medicine wheel altar so you can clear the way for the transformations and manifestations you crave.
  • Learn how to Access the hidden secrets of the benevolent ancestors.
  • ​Reveal your soul power blueprint. No matter where you are on your path, this will empower you to upgrade your abilities, uplift your purpose to a whole new level, and become unstoppable on your destined path.
  • ​BONUS: The 3 Keys To Heal The Hidden Energy Leaks In Your Business, So You Can Stop Over- Giving & Finally Claim The Success You Deserve, Guilt-Free

For over 30 years, as alchemist, transformational intuitive healer, naturopath, inter-dimensional angelic & shamanic channel, author, teacher, spiritual coach. My Sacred Alchemy process eliminates limiting beliefs, removes blocks and reprograms the mind, creating transformation. Learn the processes that I’ve used to find peace and happiness, and achieve the results that matter most to me, and now, I’d like to share them with you.