Mariangela guides clients through a journey of spiritual discovery. Often when clients reach out seeking Alkymia’s services they have been struggling with a problem for some time.

When connection has been compromised by stresses of life, a state of disharmony begins to manifest in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body. The functions of every part of the body, mind and spirit can recover – Alkymia will show you how to align to the spiritual realm.

Past Life

Accessing the Akashic records, will uncover past life issues and help to pinpoint the repeating sequence of negative events/patterns, beliefs and recurring illness. Cutting from the karmic cords and bonds releases these elements from the cellular memory, creating change within the physical body. Angelic and Shamanic healing and guidance offers amazing transformation.

Intuitive Healing

Illness may often be an opportunity that has been created within one’s life to change and transform. If seen in this way, it can be approached with less resistance. Opening up to spiritual intuitive healing could be the missing component to healing at a Quantum level.

Mariangela works with clients to disconnect from any spirit attachments which may affect the overall balance of the person. Reiki and Pranic healing are used to cleanse and liberate stagnant energy, to deal with any emotions held within the auric field and the chakras. The Melchizedek method is also used to align the body through Ancient Egyptian wisdom and tools.

Crystals and sacred geometry are used to transmute energetic blockages. Transforming the vibrational disturbance and restoring harmony to the different organ systems. Sound therapy, toning, and singing bowls align the harmonic pulse back into balance.

Body Talk

BodyTalk system synchronises and balances the body and mind, by communicating with the innate wisdom of the body using neuromuscular biofeedback. Working with the priority, it establishes exactly what needs balancing in order to harmonise body-mind function restoring your health to optimal levels.

Shamanic healing

Soul retrieval and connection to Spirit guides will provide a higher level of protection from negative energies, resulting in complete peace and tranquillity. Trained using different techniques from the Shaman’s of many cultures, including Australian Aborigines and Bali, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Hawaii, weaving all the elements of the lower, middle and upper worlds back into balance. Alkymia shamanic techniques bring profound long- lasting transformation.

Dubbed the master healer, Mariangela carries the powerful vibration of ‘100 physicians’, using x-ray vision to reveal the hidden shadows in the body, mind and spirit, and the transformational healing steps are illuminated. Teaching others how to ignite their healing and spiritual gifts.

Helping you to find meaning and purpose to your life, achieve joy and peace as your unique gifts are awakened. Let Mariangela guide you, step by step with practical tips in one of her transformational courses.

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