In times of change, it can sometimes be easy to fall back into anxiety and worry.

This upcoming Libra PINK full moon, 17th April, 4:55 am reminds us that everything we see in the outer world reflects our inner reality. It’s a perfect time to turn within and see how the things that challenge us on the outside begin inside, and as we make adjustments to restore peace in ourselves first, then we will see evidence of change in our external environment.

This moon will highlight how our mind can take us into places of uncertainty, with deep dark aspects connected with our past will rise up and anything that is out of balance in our life will surface.

If you find yourself dwelling on the past, allow the light to guide you forward. Focus on beauty, forgiveness, compassion and healing rather than staying stuck in the illusion of negativity.

This cleansing moon will help you to find the discipline to control your mind and lower vibrational thoughts. It will support your awakening as the veil is thin, and you will receive messages from the other side to communicate with your ancestors and spirit guides

You’ll be able to cleanse the karmic patterns of attracting relationships that led to separation and power struggles. Release the unresolved power dynamics, where you are out of balance and have taken the lesser position? Come back to acceptance, reconnection, and claim your fabulous magnificence. Find out how with this full moon magic, see below❤️

This is an important process, and I invite you to consider

In every moment we can choose to transmute the fear with LOVE.

Love carries a powerful frequency of transmutation to clear and purify dense energies from your body and energetic field.

In those moments when you feel fearful, worried, hurt, angry or triggered – you can step into the Flame of Love (the Flame of the Heart) and allow it to transmute the pain from your body on a cellular level.


❤️ What past relationship, situation or experience that led to loss wants to be released?

❤️What is showing up to shed light on what is out of balance?

❤️ What is your default way of handling this situation? Is it through anxiety, worry, numbness, anger, frustration or something else?

❤️ Choose the path of Love, take a moment to drop your mind down into your Heart, and see a powerful Pink/Red Crystalline Flame in front of you.

❤️ See yourself stepping into this Flame now so that your entire body is submerged within the Flame.

❤️ Allow this Flame to clear and transmute all negative emotions and density from your body and consciousness. Allow it to bring balance to your mind and heart, calling in Surrender, Forgiveness & Compassion. Stay within the Flame as long as you need until you feel complete.

❤️ The Flame of Love is the key to transmuting your pain so that you can purify the mind and embody your heart consciousness.

What are you wanting to transcend and are ready to change now, Reach out here?



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