Goddess Isis: Healing Relationships


When we measure ourselves against others, it comes from a childhood wound, of not receiving the love and nurturing we needed from our mother. This sacred scar from negative memories and conditioning, becomes a shadow, and we judge ourselves as wrong, defective, or unlovable. This will manifest in other relationships, as the shadow of people pleasing, no boundaries, competition, criticism, stifled anger, blame, and betrayal. As this core wound is de-activated and healed, you can change your relationships, and live with confidence, speak your truth, honour your magic and medicine, have healthy boundaries, and collaborate authentically.

As sensitives, we are taught to play nice, avoid conflict and always think of others. We have been conditioned through the generations to conform, shrink and suppress our needs. Honouring these values however ends up dishonouring us in the most painful ways. We end up settling for much less than we deserve, we feel too unworthy to create the life we desire, and we hold ourselves back from claiming our power and divine destiny.

Are you ready to:

  • transform your challenging relationships?
  • overcome the shadow of comparisons?
  • no longer compromise yourself?
  • stop tolerating less than your what you deserve?
  • heals the wound of separation, abandonment and loss?
  • unshackle from the generational conditioning passed down through the blood line?

The Goddess Isis (bird goddess) is often depicted with wings like an angel and her energy is one of sheltering and protection. She was revered by the Ancient Egyptians as the Universal Mother, protector and healer.

Isis connected to the wheel of life, death, and rebirth, and as the Giver of Life, she is also the Queen of the Underworld.
Known as the Goddess of Great Healing, the Lady of the Words of Power, the Divine Queen, the Great Goddess of Divine Magic and Mother of Creation, she brings the healing and activation codes of the cosmic heart, to your Divine heart flame and reconnection with the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth.

Isis sees your true light and wants you to shine it as brightly as the Egyptian midday sun.

She feels your wounds of unworthiness and stands ready to heal them with her golden rays of love.

She sees your fear of claiming your sacred power, and sovereignty.

Travel in time and come into the sacred Egyptian temple and connect with the Goddess Isis. As you surrender into her loving arms, her archetypal qualities are part of you, and she’s an extension of you. It's a place to retrace the steps of the ancients, and find refuge in your heart, and discover what your soul longs to bring back to life. She will gather all your wounded lost fragments and provide a deep integration process, to restore compassion for what you have overcome which will bring about the healing of all relationships, your body and healing of the earth and all humanity.

Answers will be illuminated about having deeper, loving, authentic relationships.

Open your heart, let it unfold and blossom and restore joy, connection and trust.

Her empowered Divine Feminine energy:

  • awakens the compassionate, nurturing energy of unconditional self-love
  • activates becoming a potent channel of healing & compassion in all your relationships
  • helps to reclaim and step into your full sacred power
  • heal blocks that have stifled flourishing spiritually & materially
  • to live your dharma (divine calling) on your destined path
  • embrace your unique gifts as a healer, oracle, intuitive, writer, teacher, speaker, leader, coach and shaman, which will elevate every part of your life

If you've heard the call of Isis, the Egyptian mysteries, and are ready to begin this magical journey…

You are a highly sensitive, intuitive and compassionate, who is destined to heal yourself and use your spiritual gifts.

I have create a beautiful, sacred and safe space for you to honour this sacred time for yourself, and receive love, support and healing from the Goddess Isis.

Share powerful ancient Sacred Feminine teachings to help you honour your stifled anger, heal your sacred wounds of unworthiness, claim your right to a flourishing life, and live fully in your divine power.

I'll guide you through a transmission and process to help you work directly with Isis to release and heal the past and an initiation into your divine worth, value, sacred power, and blessing for your future potential.

Connect with Isis, daughter of the sky goddess and the earth god with her magical powers, to gather the lost pieces, embody the power of transformation, create, be inspired and resurrect.

Using her power to fast track your healing and take quantum leaps in awakening your potential, your mission, and your gifts as a healer, shaman, energy worker, intuitive, psychic, creative and alchemist.

Download now, to receive the 90-minute transmission, attunement, release processes, shadow processes, and motivating power actions to turn your hopes, dreams and aspirations into reality.