Awaken Your Soul Gifts – 90 days


Are you a sensitive, empath, or intuitive, and been feeling stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, uncertain, scattered, emotional, and feeling unsupported?

Learn powerful and effective ways to harness and develop your intuitive abilities in 90 days

  • Awakening your higher spiritual gifts
  • Access techniques to reclaim your powerful empathic skills
  • Understand the hidden potential of being an empowered empath
  • Break through the negative patterns blocking your intuitive abilities
  • Stand in your strengthened integrated healthy boundaries
  • Deepen trust in guidance, current gifts and talents
  • Use your gifts to actualize your life purpose
  • Amplify a clear pathway to connection to the Divine and the shamanic Earth channel
  • Align to your soul blueprint to to create personal and life success


Membership Portal❤️

There is a beautifully designed and easy to navigate membership portal where you can visit to access the resources, watch recordings, PDF’s and play sheets and dive into your magic.

Intuitive Healing Attunements❤️

Join Mariangela, as she channels many multi-dimensional beings to support your growth and expansion!

Gathering for Nature’s Cycles❤️

Connect with each seasonal cycle, and understand the healing gateways, using practical ways to celebrate and honour each of the powerful seasonal and celestial points of the Year (Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, Lion’s gateway and healing 11:11, and 12:12 portal activation days).


Each class will provide insight and wisdom about developing and growing your intuition, psychic abilities and healing gifts. All classes come with accompanying exercises or workbooks to further help you process and integrate the material. Recordings are available.

New moon & Full moon Oracle Card Guidance❤️

Each month has its magical correspondences (colours, flowers, animal totems, crystals, spiritual intentions and shadow clearing) that relate to each moon cycle. Learn to live in harmony with the moon and seasons, so your life will flow as you begin to listen and trust, when to move forward and when to rest and lay low, which will guide you towards your purpose and destiny.

Planetary Wisdom & Astrology❤️

Learn about the planets can influence your life. Discover what energies are swirling and how to best work with them, and navigate your path for better health, relationships, healing business and opportunities.



Includes: activations, attunements, transmissions, tools, meditations, release processes, videos, and motivational action steps to become an empowered intuitive. Recording are available for you to listen at your convenience.  ❤️

Together we will be connecting with laser-focused intention to harness your innate abilities. With a step by step guide to support amplifying your full potential.

I'd love YOU to join me❤️

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