Alkymia’s Child



Mariangela Parodi, a Chilean-Italian experienced intense struggles with her son who had multiple chemical and food sensitivities, eczema, anger, behavioural problems and learning difficulties. Her courageous journey moves through the darkness of emotional isolation, post natal depression; resolving anger, guilt and fear. As she works to heal his mind, body and spirit, she too goes through a transformation and awakening. Alkymia’s Child will awaken and liberate new creative possibilities in anyone.

Understanding the interconnection between mind, body and spirit which affected her sensitive son, encouraged her gift to develop. Using her Naturopathic background, flower essences, nutrition, herbal medicine, homoeopathy and spiritual healing to treat him. Mariangela and her son both finally emerge and discover a new creative path of possibilities; through song, dance, art, intuition and spiritual healing. This book weaves clarity and honesty, showing all of us how to shine and soar, while finding the path back to joy and reconnection.


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