The Mystic Woman’s Compass



The Mystic Woman’s Compass explores the relationship between empaths and healers and the role they play in the consciousness shift of the world. It is for healers, to understand the power behind their sacred scars, so that they can uncover their soul purpose, and embark on the path towards becoming a healer & shaman, committed to healing themselves, their relationships, and the earth during this time of environmental crisis.

After 30 years of showing sensitives, empaths and healers how to tap into their gifts so they can fulfil their life purpose, I’ve seen how difficult it can be for them to simply take the first steps on their spiritual path.

If your deep sensitivity has felt like a struggle, The Mystic Woman’s Compass offers you a pathway to understand and transcend your self-sabotaging doubts and blocks that keep you from your worth, gifts, and fullest potential.

This remarkable book takes you on a journey to rise above the struggles that keep you from manifesting the desires, you’ve longed for, so that you can forever shift your relationship with yourself and others.

Receive your FREE gifts and resources from The Mystic Woman’s Compass to help you to:
Shift your struggles, activate your incredible superpowers and ignite the courage to live your destined life.

#1 International Best seller, in Shamanism, Angels and Guides, and Mysticism

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