September 23rd Equinox marks the Sun’s move into Libra and the start of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

Libra is all about finding balance and harmony and learning to collaborate with others. It is an air sign that helps us to see the world, ourselves and others from a more compassionate point of view. It also represents healing, harvest, and fertility.

The Equinox is a powerful portal gateway to ascension into higher levels of consciousness.  At this time of unity, the feminine & masculine merge as one, opening opportunities to unify duality within ourselves, and expand our awareness.

The Sun’s journey through Libra signifies a time of balance and working together with others. It is a time to turn our attention to the “other” and to focus on how we can create healthy partnerships and friendships.

Libra energy is about finding the balance between honouring your own needs and wants and taking into consideration others needs and wants. It is a time to find harmony and equilibrium with all areas of your life.


Prepare for the Ancestral Ritual

You are walking the path your ancestors have carved out, all their wishes and dreams and intention can be renewed through you.

As you heal yourself, you can heal the ancestral line, the family tree can heal, breaking the old bonds to struggle and adversity. You can transcend the inherited fears and perceived limitations, and weave in the new pathways.


Your Father’s line gives you structure and the power to move forward, so you can open your aligned path.

Your Mother’s line is fruitful, it will bring you prosperity, and have personal success in your choices and relationships. Open the path to enjoying all life’s opportunities.

Our intention is: ask to transcend all the difficulties from the blood-lines, and bring forgiveness to any suffering you have inherited and experienced and release the pain.

By opening the path to our destiny, we can heal the past and expand the possibilities for the future generations.


Healing Exercise to Gain the Strength of Your Inherited Line

Start by finding a quiet place to relax and ground yourself.

Create an altar:  Place a cloth with meaning on the table, light a candle or burn some incense, have an image of your parents or something that represents the family.

Ask for protection and for assistance from your, angels, guides, and ascended masters. Breathe in their support.

Put on some sacred /spiritual music.

Sit or stand facing the altar

Breathe a couple of times deeply and connect with the infinite Universal Wisdom. Bring your mother to your mental screen (out loud or inwardly):

The practice of Ho’oponopono will release the past and corrects the relationship problems.

Step 1: Repentance – JUST SAY: I’M SORRY. …

Step 2: Ask Forgiveness – SAY: PLEASE FORGIVE ME. …

Step 3: Gratitude – SAY: THANK YOU. …

Step 4: Love – SAY: I LOVE YOU.


I honour you for all that is and thank you for the part of my life that came from you. Repeat


Imagine the soul essence of your mother behind you on your left.

Visualize her by placing her hand on your left shoulder. Feel her presence and strength. Breathe this force. Behind her visualize her grandmother, with all her pains, joys, fears, dreams, and triumphs. Then see behind her your great-grandmother, great-great-grandmother, and so on, in an endless female line of ancestors that goes back in time. Receive the strength of this lineage.


Now visualize the soul essence of your father behind you on the right.

Perceive your father now behind you on your right side and imagine him placing his hand on your right shoulder. Feel his presence and strength. Behind him, visualize his grandfather, with all his pains, joys, fears, dreams, and triumphs. Behind your grandfather, their fathers, all your endless male line of ancestors. Receive the strength of this lineage.

Perceive the ancestral line and how much history, how many memories, dreams, intentions, and how much of their lives are alive in your Spiritual DNA, and imprinting.

All of their dreams carefully weaved into your physical and energic blueprint. There is an incredible curative blessing hidden in ancestral healing.

Breathe a couple of times and perceive the hidden blessing as you confidently face your own destiny.

Take a moment to journal any words or messages


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