At the age of 16, I was standing on the 2nd floor of the 1849 high school, after a maths class, looking out onto the brick court yard, framed by statues.

My anxious thoughts were circling, “Why am I here? “

I didn’t have an answer, and that deep longing left me in the void, and bought tears to my eyes.

I had always been emotional, but in that moment the sobbing came right from the depths of my core.

It hit me, like a ton of bricks – I just didn’t know the reason I was here.

For many decades I struggled, fumbling along, until I took the right steps that helped me to move closer onto my aligned path.

I’d felt bombarded by the energy of others, which left me feeling overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. Even getting out of bed in the morning, the exhaustion weighed me down. I wonder if you have felt the same way.

I didn’t have boundaries that kept me safe, my energy leaked out to others. I didn’t realise I was healing those around me, as well as the planet, that is why I was so depleted.

I judged my lack of energy, “what’s wrong with me?”

What I didn’t realize at that time was, that I was an empath, a sensitive, an intuitive…
I was born that way.

Have you experienced something similar, maybe that’s where you are?

Perhaps you’ve even felt uncertain, discouraged, unclear and feel unsupported?

But NOW, after much searching and work, I know how to harness and use the strengths of my abilities and have fully claim my soul gifts.

My purpose is to guide others on their healing pathway.

All the challenges I experienced in my life, have been essential to awakening my abilities, and have expanded my capacity to help and transform others.

My destined path is to use my high value gifts and support you to unlock your gifts, heal yourself, others, animals and the environment. Would you like to do the same thing?

When you discover your path, it fills you with joy, it lights you up from the inside out! And this is what I want for you.

Every soul has at least one special gift that lights up their heart with love! Together, we can find it.

When you understand your soul, your divine origin, you can go into that state and you are changed forever. When we are engaged on that level it brings in play, creativity, and joy.

When you’re not connected to your soul purpose, your mind can be in fear, scattered, distracted and confused. You’ll be dissociated from your own truth.

However, when you partner with your soul’s purpose, you can’t waiver. You stay steady in your own strength your sacred power emerges to guide you forward.

My gifts didn’t come with an instruction manual, so I created a step by step process to guide others back on their destined path.

I’m inviting you to my new program


Using your gifts is essential to supporting yourself and actualize your Life Purpose, which will open new doorways of opportunities and possibilities.

You’ll be able to embody your authentic self and live an abundant, inspiring, and harmonious life. Feel more optimism, enthusiasm, and energised, while having clarity, living from the power of your gifts and YOUR potential.

If you want to learn more, please click on this link.

If you feel ready to LEAP into your next phase, just know I’m here to guide you!


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