Author page: Mariangela Parodi

Mystic Insights: February 2021

Clarity, Communication & Connection: Insights and ancestral wisdom will guide you to receive the downloads to help you find your way. Your intuitive abilities are being amplified to help you to thinking out of the box, be innovative and attract collaboration and connections. Now is the time to turn your…

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Astrology Answers: January

What if you could choose the right moments and avoid the least productive times to save you time, effort and resources? These astrology and moon dates will assist with when to move forward and to conserve energy. 13 January New moon Capricorn 4pm 29th January Full moon Leo 6:16am Mercury…

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Manifest your Desires

The power of words is a great tool to improve the quality of your life and manifest your dreams into reality. Set your intention, to create a life- transforming experience, by using three infusion words that will shape your year ahead. As I think about the three words that represent…

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