Illuminated Path – 30 Days



  • Amplify healing and intuitive potential to magnetize your desire
  • Stimulate sacred healing power and intuitive ability
  • Magnetise aligned soul desires
  • Move from limitation to power house
This course starts live on Monday 28th October, with a private Facebook group, for daily support and individual intuitive guidance. Join the community and amplified healing space.

In this 30 - day course you'll learn how to:

  • Unlock Egyptian master frequencies
  • Activate Atlantean healing grid codes
  • Awaken your soul code with multi- dimensional sacred geometry
  • Reconnect to advanced levels of spiritual communication
  • Magnify higher healing abilities for life, work and business success


  • Stimulate your natural healing ability
  • Awaken your dormant power to channel in higher sacred frequencies
  • Clearings designed to remove blocks to higher spiritual communication
  • Advanced healing of the light-energetic body
  • Development of greater alignment and Divine communication
  • Connect with Egyptian and Atlantean guides receiving higher level intuition
  • Create crystal grids to amplify and your aligned soul’s desires
  • Lift the veil to multi-level healing dimensions

Includes 4 x 1hr training calls, transmission, attunements, tools, meditations, release processes, play-sheets, videos, and motivation POWER ACTIONS. This course is valued at $900