Set your intent…

Every year as I think about the new year ahead I create what I call Infusion Words.  Many of you may have heard me talk about this before. Infusion Words are a powerful way to intentionally shape your year.
Choose 3 words or phrases that make you feel expansive, make your heart come alive…and point you in the direction of your dreams.
I’ve had Infusion Words like ‘creative, natural & fun” and “brave, be, let go.
The key to these words and their power is that you have to feel them. They are not ‘shoulds’ but rather what you truly want to experience. Your Infusion Words connect you with your deepest heart’s desires.
As these words come alive in your life & business – YOU come alive!
The more you come alive – the more engaging you will be and the more you will attract the amazing opportunities and people to you!
It does take a bit to choose your words. First write down the 3 that come to you right away and then “try them on”.
Play with them…put them in your journal, on sticky notes, and see if they need an adjective with them to give them more oomph!
You want you to feel happy, giggly, and alive when you look at your Infusion Words.
Once you’ve landed on your 3 Infusion words for the upcoming year add them to around your space.
Put sticky notes on the bathroom mirror, in your car, paint them on rocks, paint a picture, write a poem about them, make a vision board, share them on Facebook, create a background on your computer, or put them on Instagram, or Pinterest with fun doodles.
Doing something with your hands helps get your Infusion Words into your body. Into your cells. When you feel them you are more alive and magnetic!
What are your words?

Use a brand-new journal for this year, and create a practice of journaling around your theme at least 3 times per week.

Once you do this practice, you will experience a breakthrough. You will live into your theme and your life will never be the same again.

It happens for me every year, and it will happen for you.

Let’s do a short practise…
What are you desiring right now?
Health, relationships, support?
Let’s help you manifest that quicker!
I am going to tell you how, but you might not like me because it’s actually super simple – you may think it’s “too easy” so you won’t actually do it. But let me tell you – IT WORKS.
Here you go:
Step #1: Create an affirmation around what you desire.
Example: I am easily attracting support right now.
Step #2: Write it out 15-20 times.
Then close your eyes for 5 minutes and feel yourself attracting support from others.
What does it look like? How does it feel to receive that support? Feel the flow of support easily finding you.
DO this for as many days as it takes for you to receive guidance and downloads from the Universe to align with this desire.
I used this strategy recently and I’m actually seeing a BIGGER vision.
If you desire something, but it’s not in complete alignment, meaning deep down you don’t feel worthy or believe that you can really have it, you’ll receive guidance on the work that needs to be done first.
Stay patient, open, and listen.
Be willing to do the work and look at the lessons.

This works if you do the work!

I’d love to hear your Infusion Words for the new year, let me know 🙂
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