Rare Lucky Gateway 💫⛩️

The last two eclipses have stirred up many people, some with grief and loss, others with frustration and impatience. Wanting life to change but experiencing the dissolving of one part into the next has been disruptive.

Even I have gone through some wobbly times as I go through the growing pains into the next phase – even physical symptoms – headaches, dizziness and exhaustion.

Some old emotions and the way we react to situations can be triggering. We may feel out of control, anxious, or lost, and not know the next step.

What has come up for you? What have you experienced?

Right now, we have a RARE and Lucky manifesting gateway in astrology;
When I use the key points in the calendar and show my clients how to harness these transits, we can all make significant shifts and fast-track our progress – this is one of those blast-off gateways.💫⛩️

This transit will occur on April 20-22, 2024, and it is so exciting, as it only happens every 14 years.

The planet Jupiter (growth, expansion, luck, blessings and fortunate opportunities) is joining forces with Uranus (breakthroughs, surprises, change, new ideas, freedom) and Taurus (self-care, creativity, increase in resources, and abundance), which will help manifest soul-aligned desires.

Pay attention to any messages or downloads you receive. Opportunities will arise, and this is your invitation to seize them and say YES.

LUCK will be on your side when these three join forces, so believe in the impossible.

You can enter a whole new, thrilling chapter of your life during the 🐉 Dragon year.

I firmly believe that we can create the conditions for luck to touch our lives. When we dare to take risks and step out of our comfort zones, we position ourselves to attract ‘luck.’

Whatever you have been postponing, now is the perfect time to boost your magnetic qualities to the opportunities, take the leap, and pursue it.

It can only remain as a wish or a dream state unless you take action to bring it into the physical.

You may have put your goals aside because your thoughts have taken you off track, such as
🚫 “I am overlooked”, “I am not valued”, ‘I am ignored”, and “When will it be my time?”
🚫 Stirring up impostor syndrome and giving your inner critic too much airtime are sneaky ways your subconscious keeps you stuck.
🚫 Being passive and not making decisions because you feel like a fraud, and as a result, the chances pass you by.

Challenge the beliefs, habits, fears, and scripts blocking the change you crave; these have been inherited, conditioned from a young age, and also brought in as a soul lesson from past lives.
But don’t give up.

This is a major window of opportunity, as the cosmic forces can influence your life for the better. There will be a stronger desire to surpass your existing limitations, and awaken a feeling that anything is possible.

Drop down from your worried mind into your ❤️ courageous heart so you can initiate the pivotal change. The tide will turn back in your favour as new surprises will come. The new choices will open up because of the energy, vibrancy, and magnetism you carry.

Like a lightning flash suddenly illuminating a dark, insights, ideas and ‘eureka’ moments can guide you back on the path and propel you towards more joy, connection, and greatest potential.

Power up, and trust that you can harness the dormant parts of you that want to be part of the upgrade and ascension to your next level.

To make the most of this extra-ordinary transit:

💫 Step OUT of the role of anything that feels confining, overly safe and too small for what to experience and express in your life.
💫 Seize the opportunity. A sudden chance to travel, teach or share your message could arise. Act on it! One small move can blast you towards more freedom in your life.
💫 Spread your wings. Keep your energy field open, as your magnetic pull, can attract people who share connections, resources, and life-changing perspectives.

Not sure how to trust yourself and boost your magnetic abilities?
❤️ If you are ready to shed your limits mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially so that you can spark the lift-off and embrace the new abundant future…

Let me take your hand, You can book your session here.

Live on Purpose, change your life!  ❤️



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