Happy New Year, 2024 is a year where you’ll reclaim more of yourself.

I photographed a moth on my slightly dirty window😁just before the rain.
Animal signs are important as they show us what is coming. Moths signify change, transformation and growth.

Have you felt that you are between what you have completed and need clarity about what to create and experience this year?

I know many people I have talked to have said, setting new goals feels uninspiring, and even boring.

I get it; maybe you do, too.

2024 adds up to a #8 in numerology [2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8]

It’s a year of personal power, spiritual and material abundance, bringing your dreams into reality, and having the courage to be assertive and live life as your vibrant and joyful YOU.

The #8 symbolises Heaven (the above) merging with Earth (the below).

What is it that lights you up and you want to create? Follow the inspiration, as it’s the breadcrumb that will lead you to your next step.

Now more than ever, it is a year to STOP playing it safe.

Just be cautious of the Shadow of #8: where do you doubt your ability to succeed, feel helpless or don’t follow through on goals? Be proactive to leave behind the old limitations, fear and survival consciousness.

99% of the time, we repeat patterns. It’s all patterns… habits of thought, emotions and behaviour that repeat again and again… until they are disrupted.

Sometimes, a powerful idea💡creates a pathway out of the pattern.

Sometimes, an emergency disrupts our patterns. A job loss, an accident, the end of a relationship.

Sometimes, an intentional DECISION disrupts the pattern. You decide, “Enough is enough!”

These are areas to address and change.

If you are holding a poverty consciousness, expect more outflows this year; on the other hand, if you have a growth and positive mindset, expect more in-flows.

You have the potential of the ‘Midas touch’ this year; the world is your oyster should you believe in yourself.

Take that optimistic attitude towards life and opportunities. Energy follows energy; what you focus on will be amplified; as you put in the effort, expect blessings and trust they will manifest.

Choose to focus on what will fulfil and nourish you. 💫

What do you want to unfold for you in 2024?
Your health, energy, relationships, personal growth, time, focus, career or business?

May the warm winds blow gently on your back, and may your heart and home be filled with peace.

May it be the year that you learn to love all the parts of you, even the ones you’ve spent a lifetime believing are bad or wrong or not OK.

May you find the power inside yourself that you’ve been denying and learn to use it to benefit yourself and others.

Are you READY to have clarity, focus and inspiration for your best year yet – and flourish on all levels?

Now is your time; let me guide you to find the answer to “What’s next?”

You can just book your session to expand and grow faster than you would alone.

Live on Purpose, change the World!  ❤️

What do you want to transcend and are ready to change now? Let’s talk here?

Live on Purpose … Change the World! ❤️


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