We as human beings aren’t perfect, and we may not be 100 percent healed on this earth. All of us have cracks and dings, whether you can see them or not. But those cracks can be healed over time and the lines that are left over time is the beautiful tapestry that becomes our life. Our beautiful, flawed life.

There is no shame in admitting we have flaws; this suggests openness and a healthy self-esteem. It takes such great courage and strength of character and spirit that any doubt should be replaced with acceptance that propels us into change.

Instead of being stressed and hiding who we are, we can choose to embrace the broken times and faults that make us beautiful.

When a piece of pottery cracks or breaks into numerous pieces, it’s tempting to toss it out as no longer useful. It is damaged, both functionally and aesthetically. But Japanese artists don’t agree. They mix gold with lacquer to repair the pottery, and the result is something that is completely unique and beautiful. Where cracks previously ran, gold lines mark the surface of the vase or other pottery.

It’s called Kintsukuroi, the cracks and flaws can be addressed, creating something new and unique, is something that can also be applied to people.

We won’t ever be perfect, but if we practice self-care, as a Japanese artist cares for pottery, all those things in our life we thought were regrets, or mistakes, or wrong turns can be turned into experiences that make us grow as a person and become the individual we were meant to be.

We can’t erase the cracks; they are critical to making us who we are today. As we are filled with Divine Light, this is the equivalent to lacquer and gold.

If we try to hide or erase who we really are, with our faults, the Divine can’t work in us to create that beautiful life that’s like the pottery. Instead, we are being invited to embrace the broken times and faults that make us who we are.

That’s not the same thing as embracing what may be broken and need to change. It’s not about giving in to what we know is wrong or a poor decision.

It’s about accepting that our faults don’t fully define us, but they are part of us. It is about flipping them over, learning, growing, and allowing them to put us on our destined path.

Then, one day we will look in the mirror, see all we have been through and say, “I’m thankful for a full life and these cracks have turned me into a beautiful person. I am thankful for it all.

Appreciate your individuality
Your flaws may make you different from everybody else, but that’s a good thing! Don’t make the mistake of trying to fit the mould.

Put things in perspective
Instead of focusing on everything that’s bothering you, grab a notepad and write down three things you are grateful for. Wouldn’t you rather have your health and your beautiful family than be a stunning beauty without those precious gifts?

Make your flaws famous
Lady Gaga recently responded to criticism of her weight gain by launching a “Body Revolution,” posting pics of herself in a bra and underwear and encouraging fans to do the same. “May we make our flaws famous,” Gaga wrote on her blog.

Flip your flaw
If you can find the strength in your flaw, you’re a lot more likely to own it. For example, if you’ve always considered yourself quiet and shy, that probably means you’re an amazing listener and observer.

Don’t compare yourself
Stop comparing yourself to others and love yourself for who you are, the good, the bad and the flawed. Everyone has their own idiosyncrasies. That’s what makes life interesting!

Be flawsome
Yes, flawsome is a term, that describes brands that show humanity by being open about their flaws. In their words, “Human nature dictates that people have a hard time genuinely connecting with, being close to, or really trusting other humans who (pretend to) have no weaknesses, flaws, or mistakes.” Who wants that?

Embrace your flaws — and be flawsome!

Being your best-self
Before you let that negative self-talk stop you, try these affirmations.

1. I accomplish daily
2. I step forward in my personal goals
3. All that I need is within me
4. I accept myself with compassion
5. Each moment is new and in this moment “I can!”
6. I am able
7. I step into my power one step at a time

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