New moon 3rd July Total solar eclipse Cancer 5.16am

Full moon 17th July Partial lunar eclipse Capricorn 7.38am

Mercury retrograde: 8th July – 1 August Leo

Chiron Retrograde  July 8th – December 13th Aries  


Eclipses offer catalytic energy triggers of transformation both individually and for the planet. They are high energy times and bring change and realignment, and a perfect time to meditate. The eclipses encourage deep honesty, to see what needs to be released and then take active steps to release it. It marks a time of major transformation and rebirth

 Eclipse cycles happen twice each year, and always come in pairs, bringing intensity and filled with opportunities and profound awakening.

A Solar Eclipse occurs on the New Moon, whereby the Moon moves between the Earth and Sun, obscuring Earth’s view of the Sun.

This Solar Eclipse provides an opportunity to reassess or re-evaluate your life, to leap into a new sphere of existence beyond your perceived limitations.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is full and the Earth blocks the Sun’s rays from partially/fully reaching the Moon, thus the Moon is cast within the Earth’s shadow.

A Lunar Eclipse provides a quantum opportunity to release deep-seated wounds, move beyond old fears and to transcend negative patterns or traits within the shadow self.


Planets retrograde in July

Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron are retrograde in July and this means we are going deeper into our limiting beliefs, retracing the past. Its not a time to start anything new, but conserve, consolidate, dive deep into what holds us back, our fears and karmic patterns of fear, guilt and shame.


New moon 3rd July Total solar eclipse Cancer 5.16am

Cancer (water) – nurturing, family, sensitive, emotional, moody, intuitive, psychic

The Cancer new moon is a time to look at yourself honestly, and give love to every nuance, action, thought and feeling.  Simply mother yourself and acknowledge yourself as already whole and perfect… you are simply LOVE!

Cancer is the sign of the Sacred Feminine, the creative Mother energy and the nurturer.  This new moon offers an energy to peer within and view our relationship to our ‘Mother’ within, our sacred intuitive natures (whether we are male or female).

What can your ‘Inner-Mother’ teach you at this time… and allow that wisdom to be imparted from a place of unconditional love of self.

During the ‘Divine Feminine’ Cancer New Moon it represents a return of the feminine, in order to balance the male and female polarity in humanity and foster oneness.  Oneness in our hearts and minds, oneness in our physical and spiritual selves, and oneness of ourselves with all creation.

During this Cancer New Moon each of us holds the potential to ‘Dream the Dream’ and create harmony and loving union of the Masculine and Feminine breath of LOVE.

This new moon represents a time to honor your needs… in order to fill your cup full and over-flowing to be of service to others.   This new moon represents a wonderful time to also nurture your home life, heart, family.

Maybe spend time gardening, cleaning up clutter, organise a family gathering or make a scrummy meal for loved ones. Discover new information to help you make a meaningful change.

Self-love – starts by fully expressing “who you are,” and believing you matter, you are living and creating new paradigms of possibility.

When you love yourself, you are loving humanity. When you are patient, kind, and gentle with yourself, you are affirming that all beings, including yourself, deserve patience, kindness, and gentle care.

When you are cared for, your suffering can transform. And when your suffering transforms, you are better able to shine your light in the world. When you shine your light in the world, you give others permission to shine their lights too.



Full moon 17th July Partial lunar eclipse Capricorn 7.38am

Capricorn (Earth) – Practical, realist, reliable, hard worker, cautious, committed

This Full moon in Capricorn has a strong will, tenacious nature and ‘can do’ attitude! On a personal level is very much about us taking full responsibility for ourselves, our lives and our actions.

It’s a time to take your visions and making them practical… make a plan, set the goals, put your head down and do the work, and make it real! Highlights business and professional ambitions. Focus on your plans into the future, so it’s a great time to review your long-term plans.

It brings a fresh energy into all social situations and helps to move you in the right direction. You can’t go back to the old ways, it’s time to move onto the next level.

Whilst Capricorn is hardworking and gets things done, it can get us caught up too much in process and bring rigidity to our lives.

This Moon is about breaking down the rules, regulations and outmoded ways of being, so expect a very emotional/passionate/soul searching time, with the energy and dedication to follow through.

When you feel on purpose, you let the energy of resistance move through and out, and you bring in more of the feelings you want to have.

And the ability to bring in positive feelings through your intention helps you experience more synchronicities – or “meaningful coincidences” – that lead you to manifest the more outer world realities that are aligned with the positive feelings.


Mercury retrograde: 8th July – 1 August Leo

Mercury rules all communications such as computers, phones, travel, electronics and all business/personal communications & documentations.  This period is asking us to retrace our thoughts and feelings, and to prioritize what is really important to us. We need to be prepared and mentally alert for whatever comes our way, in order to avoid the pitfalls. Knowing that delays and unexpected outcomes are possible, adopt a calm attitude. As we meet each negative with a positive action, we will begin to create a positive force.

It favours anything that begins with the prefix ―re, re-negotiate, re-vamp, re-new, re-vise, re-issue, re-finance. The word retrograde means ―to go back and retrace one‘s steps. This period favours finishing up work or returning to review and complete a project, not starting something new. It can provide new insights into the material.

This is not time to make any major commitments or sign any contracts/papers because you will change your mind.

Pay attention to the details, to minimise delays and misunderstandings. General repairs are not favoured. Never purchase anything associated with transportation or communication – car, bicycle, tape recorder, TV or even shoes. Such purchases will not last long or they will be plagued with malfunctions. The biggest annoyance is the frustration and time involved.

It is a fabulous time to go over conversations that may have happened in the past, where you need some closure or a re-negotiation of some deal or agreement.

Remember to also attend to the inner intuitive communication. It’s a great time for journaling and taking time to reflect on recent developments and what is important to you.

During its retrograde cycle three times a year, Mercury says, “let’s look at this part of your life more closely.” What part of it are you still resisting?

Why are you here? – Where are you going?   – Who and What means the most to you?


Chiron Retrograde  July 8th – December 13th Aries  

The planet Chiron represents the wounds you carry in yourself through this and other lifetimes especially if you are a healer. During Chiron retrograde, healers can finally heal themselves.

It is a unique advantage to heal different parts of your life. Physical health, life’s priorities, questions of the subconscious mind, repressed emotions, and communication work will all take centre stage.

Chiron will address all of these areas of life while focusing on its main goal—to heal the healer. This time helps us to find our voices and use them to transform others

Time To Heal The Healer

If you are a healer, you may find yourself drained sometimes by overworking yourself and depleting your energy. There is always someone who needs healing, but what about you?

A healer’s sometimes inability and so times unwillingness to heal his or herself is a common occurrence. Comet Chiron was named after a situation just like this. It was named after centaur Chiron from Greek mythology who could heal anyone—but himself.

Chiron retrograde finally gives you this ability. You will be able to access and release spiritual wounds, whether the wounds are of your own making or some you picked up from other people.

Besides the energetic wounds, they can also be mental or emotional. Healers do suffer sometimes from low self-esteem and feeling incomplete. Chiron will have you face these negative feeling and fears to overcome them once and for all.

Chiron In Aries Brings More Healers

Chiron in Aries points out where you are experiencing an identity crisis. During Chiron retrograde, this will become evident and easy to heal. This time period will help you recognize your true self, your potential, your mission, and your gifts as a healer. It will awaken many shamans, energy workers, and healers.

Aries in where we assert ourselves, where we go for what we want, where we draw borders to express our uniqueness.

Aries is the very first sprout to emerge from the soil in the spring, choosing life, choosing to ‘get out there’ into the world and express itself.

Chiron is where we feel wounded, ashamed, broken and inadequate.

Chiron will challenge Aries’ expression of the self, expression of individuality.

Chiron in Aries is about the greatest wounds of all – the wound of identity.

Where do I belong?

Do I even need (or want!) to fit in?

How can I maintain my individuality and be part of a group?

Chiron in Aries may also reveal where fear of conflict is keeping us stuck in self-destructive patterns. Yes, there’s a time to fight for our rights—but is there a way to do so that doesn’t involve domination, violence, and superiority.

Symptoms of the identity wound

  • “I am nobody” – an overall feeling of emptiness and disconnection
  • “I am not enough” – a desire to “prove” oneself
  • “If I don’t fit in, I don’t exist” – a desire to be liked by everyone
  • A tendency to copy other people, but at the same time a lack of defining role models
  • A desire to get noticed, fear of expressing one’s opinions and beliefs
  • Difficulty to connect with one’s body or feelings
  • Desperation to prove one’s uniqueness by behaving odd, or by adopting a strange appearance or mannerism
  • A tendency to hurt oneself, physically or psychologically – self-inflicted wounds, abuse of drugs and medication, feeling ‘numb’

Heal your wound

Chiron in Aries is about taking responsibility for your existence, is about being present with your wounds, with your pain and with your shame.

You were born with a unique mission.

You were born to express the divine in your unique way, to live through your unique gifts, talents, and skills. You are much more than you think. The stars, the whole universe collided so you could be here today.

When you allow your true self to shine through, there is no more pain, there is no more wound. You achieve self-realization.

Self-realization happens when all the broken parts of you come together to form a whole.

But you need to put ALL these parts together. Yes, even those you are ashamed of. They are part of you too, they are part of your story.

By allowing them to exist, you allow yourself to exist. This is how you find the key, the higher order, the higher meaning of your existence.

Your deepest wound is your greatest gift


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