Everything changes in 2023  

Happy New year 🎉🌈🌟

2023 is a # 7 Year in Numerology (2+ 0+ 2 +3 = 7); it’s the year of ‘The Rainbow Bridge‘ 🌈 accessing the wisdom of the mystics, wise ones & ancient ancestors.

In 2023 you are poised to live from your BRIGHTEST Light ❤️

This means you will focus more than ever on your intentions to manifest your desires.

To find your way this year, you need the roadmap for 2023.

So that you don’t repel your happiness this year, notice:

Where do you hesitate and deny your options, growth, and happiness? 

In the first three months of 2023, significant shifts will propel our rapid growth, especially from 22nd January, when there will be no resistance, and nothing can hold us back.

This New Year holds great promise for us all, and we can expect many changes and shifts. We can connect with our inner mystic, the wise one, and open the crown chakra, giving us a renewed willingness to learn, grow and evolve.

Our lives can be set on an entirely new path, in ways we can’t even imagine yet!

The slowing down returns in mid-April, so use this beautiful, momentous time wisely to navigate the ripples of change to bring in all your desires.

2023 breaks down resistance,

Our open hearts will guide us to move inward, explore our inner growth, love ourselves more deeply, try new things, and see things in a different light and from a different lens to emerge courageous to share our unique gifts and talents with the world.

If we keep thinking the same way, doing the same things, or never challenge/question our beliefs, then we remain stagnant. 

A #7 year inspires us to explore new worlds and opportunities, and trust our intuition to take the leap and walk the bridge into new life experiences.

We will challenge the very foundations of our lives, and walk the bridge into new realms of awareness, promising a more profound sense of the truth of who we are, to transform how we live.

As you venture out of your old comfort zone and take the leap of faith, you will access more courage, discernment, innovation, and miracles.

The future is not fixed, and the power to shape it is in your hands.

As we evolve, we open up limitless possibilities for others and our world.
As you reach higher, you unleash untold opportunities for the future.

❤️  If you are ready to generate positive change, find your NEW path, and transform your life, trust your new way to guide and lead you to the highest possibilities in 2023 ❤️

I am inviting YOU to join me for a private VIP 30-day IMMERSION; included is a nature experience.

I will guide you in a sacred container to release the old identity and lead you across the threshold of doubt and uncertainty, to reclaim your magic, medicine and brilliance.

Kickstart with 4 hours in nature with me, or via zoom (online option),

to discover the root cause of your sacred scars, and be in an incubator to alchemise the past and access your extraordinary power.

Your 30-day private immersion sessions will:

1. Uncover the underlying blocks, so you can transcend them and have crystal clear clarity in making decisions.

2. Understand how your old limiting stories add to the difficulties and challenges.

3. Break free of your inherited patterns that take you out of rhythm with your divine design and abundance, and restore your true confidence, trust and value.

4. Discover your unique gifts, genius and brilliance, without spending years struggling alone.

5. Take the foot off the brakes and create a life that uplifts you, so you can attract the soul relationships that you love, if you have a biz – clients you love working with.

6. Map a plan to create the building blocks of success, and open your prosperity channel, without losing your spiritual integrity.

Let me take your hand through this metamorphosis to bring out your greatest gifts, and create a life of freedom, happiness, creativity and magic, and shape a new destiny in 2023.

If this resonates with you, I’d like you to reply back, and we can set up a time to discuss this more.

Live on Purpose … Change the World! ❤️

What do you want to transcend, and are ready to change now? Let’s talk here?


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