All growth is about change and transformation. Sometimes change brings extraordinary joy, but at other times it provokes feelings of stress, discomfort, fear, or pain. Our response to those circumstances creates our experiences.

When we no longer resist change and instead regard it as an opportunity to grow, we find that we are far from helpless in the face of it.

While we can say we want enlightenment, we often romanticize it, my own experience and those of others I have supported, is that enlightenment is a painful process. It is the death of the old self and in the constant stripping away and revealing of Truth we can drop into the pain body.

But always on the other side of the surrender process, there is gold – the light shines on what has been uncovered, which is deeper strength, purpose and passion.

Our role as masters of our own destinies is cemented when we choose to make change work in our favour. This transformation will take place whether or not we want it to, and so it is up to us to decide whether we will open our eyes to the hidden blessings or close ourselves off from opportunities hiding behind obstacles.

To make change work for you, look constructively at your situation and ask yourself how you can benefit from the transformation that has taken place.

As threatening as change can seem, it is often a sign that a new era of your life has begun.

Optimism, enthusiasm, and flexibility will aid you greatly here, as there is nothing to be gained by dwelling on what might have been.

If you choose to go with the wave of change, then you willing to embrace it proactively, the results are much more likely to support your ultimate transformation.

Live on purpose- change the world


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