From Adrenalin to Alignment💫

February happens to be a leap year. Back in 45 BC, Julius Caesar created a leap year every four years to balance out the inconsistencies in the calendar.

February holds significant spiritual power for awakening, enlightenment, and enhancing your intuitive and spiritual abilities.

The vibrational energy will help you detox from the old stress response, which involves high cortisol levels, and prepare your nervous system to upgrade to a foundation of calm alignment.

When adrenaline is high, your mind becomes stuck in negative mind loops, which can lead to feeling unsettled, confused, and scattered.

When you live from alignment, you no longer backpedal and hesitate.

Your nervous system relaxes, and it is easy to make decisions because you fully live from your centre of intuition, trust and visionary guidance.

Are you aware of how much time you spend comparing yourself to others, dazzled by their talents? 😬 This is part of the adrenalin addiction cycle.

As a result, you can overlook your gifts and abilities.

Know that your untapped, overlooked gifts, will change YOUR life.

You will create the blessings you desire as you explore these riches that are yours to express.

Where would you like to create more time and energy for your BIG LEAP?

You have the power to create change!

Now is the time to start CREATING and designing the life you want to live.

What do you want to claim for this month so that you are fulfilled in 2024 and live from your clear alignment? It starts NOW.
Once you say YES, your life will begin to unfold…

With less worry, less hesitation, less judgment, and less discouragement.

Shift from your pattern of expecting to live, from being reactive to what life throws at you, to someone who has mastered your centre of peace and trust and knows your life is on track.

Use the transformational energy of the leap month; you’ll be able to elevate and:
💫 Clear away old patterns or obstacles.
💫 Embrace deep introspection to transform your growth and well-being.
💫 Receive revelations and uncover deeper truths.
💫 Become a powerful catalyst for change, healing and spiritual channel.

Join me; we start this month with a powerful alignment!

Inside The Alkymia Mystical School, I show you the secrets you’re missing… PLUS, discover how to get consistent, reliable, on-time results from your healing and shamanic gifts—using your multidimensional abilities.

I will illuminate your blind spots and guide you through every step to break down the barriers that hold you back, challenge limiting beliefs, and create space for your magic to flourish.

You’ll also receive activations, transmissions and light codes to shift your ancestral patterning.

In fact, when you join, you are assigned and connected with a team of guides from a lineage, on the other side, who are of the highest light and wisdom.

They will stay with you and channel the healing and guidance you were born to express.

Yes, this is like a REAL team of fairy Godmothers and wise elders.

Will you RISE?
Are you up for it?

What do you want to transcend and are ready to change now? Let’s talk here?

Live on Purpose … Change the World! ❤️


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