We all have the capacity to listen to our intuition, but at times we can be out of alignment and lose our clarity.
8 Signs You’ve Lost Touch with Your Intuition

1. You feel confused often
If you struggle to make good decisions and often lack clarity, you’re not tuned into your intuition. When you and your intuition are communicating regularly, you’ll be able to make the aligned decision that steers you towards your highest good.

2. You lack flexibility
When you’re out of touch with your intuition, you may be so rigidly tied to a calendar that you ignore all the warning signs, and change your plans. Sometimes intuition requires you to say “no” when you previously said “yes.”

3. You feel blindsided by people
When you’re not tuned into your intuition, you may feel blindsided, as if you never saw IT coming. Intuition gives you red flags that warn you, but if you insist on only seeing the best in people while blinding yourself to their shadow, you may be blocking your inner knowing.

4. You wrestle with regret
Intuition helps you make regret-free decisions, because intuition is always doing its best to guide you in the direction of the greatest flow, ease, integrity, and alignment with your soul’s unique journey. When you’re out of touch with intuition, you’re making decisions from your mind or your ego, and regret is a common side effect.

5. You tend to be a chameleon
When you’re following your intuition, there are no masks to wear, no personas to put on. You’re ALL YOU, ALL THE TIME, and you’re unapologetic about it. That might mean you wear your game day shirt to the yoga class, and you skip the meeting because the sun is shining and the beach is calling.

6. You dismiss your instincts as ‘crazy’ or ‘irrational’
Intuition rarely feels rational. If you ignore the seemingly crazy guidance, you will not only fail to let yourself be led to the most aligned jobs, relationships, and transformative experiences; you also might miss out on the chance to be someone else’s miracle.

7. You doubt yourself
Discernment is key when it comes to tuning into spiritual guidance. As you confirm how things went when you followed your intuition, you’ll develop evidence-based faith. You’ll know that seemingly miraculous things happen when you follow your intuitive guidance, and you’ll learn to trust it, which fills you with a certain confidence, with far less self-doubt.

8. You give your power away too easily
When you’re not tuned into intuition, you’re far more likely to expect someone else to make all of your decisions, even the most critical ones. The intuitive person might instantly sense what lies at the root cause of her illness, trusting that if she treats the root cause.

10 Ways to Honour Your Intuition
I’ve come to think of intuition as the disguise the spirit world lovingly uses to speak to the human world in a way that protects us and makes our lives easier. So how do you tap into this voice? Here are a few tips:

1. Listen to your body

Start by noticing how your body feels when you’re faced with a decision. Your body’s ‘No’ will feel like a tight gripping sensation. A ‘Yes’ often feels like openness, especially in the chest. Sometimes a choice will feel scary, so you might be confused by butterflies. But are they the butterflies of excitement or the fluttering’s of dread? Tune in.

2. Interpret your dreams
When the cognitive mind is asleep, intuition comes through. Dreams can be filled with intuitive messaging that needs to be decoded. Read up on the benefits of writing down your dreams and the various techniques to interpret them.

3. Learn to read energy

Sometimes, you instinctually read someone’s energy without even realising you’re doing it. You’ll look at someone you’ve never met and pick up on cues about their emotional state, health, and wellbeing. But when we make it a conscious practice to read the energy of a person, business opportunity, or personal choice, we can use our energy-reading muscles and strengthen our intuition.

4. Ask for guidance

Your cognitive mind will try to convince you that it’s possible to control life. The sooner you realise that the Universe doesn’t need you to be in control, the more peace and ease you’ll experience.

5. Cultivate presence
Be here now. When your mind is churning over what happened in the past or worrying about what hasn’t yet happened, you’re less available to all the intuitive knowing that only exists in the present moment. To cultivate presence, start a meditation practice, spend time in nature, and practice mindfulness in your daily activities.

6. Tune in to signs
The world is alive, everything is conscious, and consciousness itself is always trying to communicate with us. Most of the time, we’re so busy, distracted, and caught up in our minds that we miss the signs showing us how to find and fulfil our calling, how to align with the right people, and how to live in accordance with our souls. Learn how to interpret the signs.

7. Play with your intuition
Cultivate a playful relationship with your intuition. Make it a game. Is the phone ringing? See if you can intuit who it is. Going to a game? Can you intuit who will win? Heading out for a first date? Can you sense whether the date will fly or flop? Get playful and see what happens.

9. Put your intuition to the test

Got a hunch? Write it down in an intuition journal and check back on it later. Sometimes it will take a year or two to assess how things went when you followed your intuition or ignored it. In the beginning, following your hunches can feel risky. But over time, you’ll develop what I like to call ‘evidence-based faith.’ When you see how effortlessly things can flow when you follow your hunches, you’ll be less inclined to let your mind dismiss your intuition.