New Possibilities – New Super Moon  

This is the invisible starting point for the year, and you can begin to embark on your crystalline light-filled path for 2023- the best path for your success.

We have been waiting for the new beginning for 2023, and it starts with this Aquarius new SUPER moon on 22nd January. There will be a surge forward with the planet Mercury also moving direct now. Plus, we have the auspicious Chinese New Year of the water rabbit on the 22nd, too, bringing abundance and prosperity.

As you recalibrate, rebirth and expand into your new version, all doors will open, and life will begin to shift.

When you shift, your old template falls away …. Then miracles appear.

The old template holds the memories and irritations from past loss, old judgments, negative opinions from others, incisions, hesitation and worry.

Honour the past version of you, where you did the best you could, under challenging circumstances.

But your body will show you where some of these old irritations put your body out of balance…

Have you been noticing repeating issues, working harder, proving, pushing, comparing, feeling drained, and being emotional with the pressure of demands?

These irritations encourage you to break out of the old mould, and identify where you no longer fit into other’s expectations.

You have been tested and challenged, to show you the actual depth of your strength, compassion, and wisdom.

As you let go of the version that has been afraid, the old stories embedded in your cells begin to dissolve away, and your template changes and miracles manifest.

Your new upgraded template will emerge soon, but it will need nurturing.

EVERYTHING gets better, as you transform.

You can recalibrate to the best version of you that no longer sabotages your opportunities.

I know this truth in my bones, because I’ve seen it play out in my life, and with my clients and students for over 20 years.

When you transform, you’re no longer stuck in the old story, and you can unravel the tangles of life, that trip you up.

You will experience miracles, again and again.

As you bring your best self forward, using your intuitive and healing gifts, you will shine your miraculous light onto your life.

You become a miracle in the lives of others.

Are you ready to open up to the new frequency that will bring the changes you desire?

This powerful Super Aquarius new moon is opening a new phase for you to create a new future.

This is a precious time to courageously choose to connect to your needs, your way, your style and your path.

We can’t become ourselves by ourselves, but we can move mountains together.

I am inviting you to focus on the support you require for your transformation so that miracles can appear.

Let me guide you to heal your heart, and become a powerful creator, open to new possibilities, aligned with your best path in 2023.

If this resonates with you, reply back…

Live on Purpose … Change the World! ❤️

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