June 2019 in numerology: 6 + 2019= 6 + 2+ 0 +1 + 9 = 18= 9

Completion, Service, Endings, Culmination, Celebration, Emotional Release

In a number 9- month, as it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your 9-month journey, review all of your experiences and wisdoms gained and make decisions on how you will choose to commence the next year in a new cycle.

It is a great year to also share your experiences with others in service, offering pearls of wisdom from your journey.

A number 9 month can be a little irritating as if the ‘shoes do not fit’ anymore and you just want to make a leap into the next number 1 month, as you feel a disconnection with the last 9-month cycle and just want to pursue new aspirations and visions for your life.

Breathe, be and rest and recuperate this month… enjoy the fruits of all your efforts from your ‘seed planting’ from the original number 1 month, and how far you have come since

Now take the seeds from your fruits and use these to consider what no longer serves, and what you may like to plant the new seeds for now new growth phase next month, the next cycle.

Finish what you began 8 months ago, in November last year, be of service, be compassionate, release beliefs, feelings, projects and people who are keeping you stuck in old outdated behaviours.

Declutter your house, your life, this can be a testing month of courage & strength, embrace endings – a turning point.

Guard against: feeling discouraged and dissipated emotionally, being a perfectionist, resisting the urge to let go.


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