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Today, I have some great news and an invitation for you!

I’m absolutely thrilled to invite you to an extraordinary 14-day online retreat
hosted by my good friend and colleague Patricia Elizabeth called:

“Heal the Healer: New Year! New You!
Quantum Healing to Help You Create Your Magical Soul Life!” 💫

We have an incredible line-up of 14+ experts, including me, where I will guide you through a powerful process to set up your best year yet.

Each of us will share our journey to becoming a Healer, as well as
share a powerful quantum healing to help you create your magical soul life.

Plus, each expert will share a FREE GIFT with everyone who
registers. You do not want to miss this!

Here’s a sneak peek of the Quantum Healings you’ll experience
● Receiving Success and Abundance
● Clearing for Playing Small
● Clearing for Fear of the Future
● Quantum Healing for Purification and Guidance
● Chakra Healing
● Source Connection and Heart Healing
● Golden Ray Frequency Upgrade
● Soul Codes
● And so much more!

This is your golden opportunity to RESET for the New Year, and create your magical soul life.
Now is the time to turn your dreams into reality!

The retreat starts on January 11 and is 100% FREE.

All you need to do is REGISTER HERE.

As a participant, you’ll gain full access to every session and a treasure box of BONUS GIFTS.

Don’t wait; register now and take that pivotal first step towards making 2024 your most empowered year yet.

Looking forward to seeing you there. 💫

What do you want to transcend and are ready to change now? Let’s talk here?

Live on Purpose … Change the World! ❤️


P.S. Whenever you’re ready… here are 4 ways I can help you evolve and transform:

1. #1 International best seller  The Mystic Woman’s Compass“To the sensitives, intuitives, deep-feelers, dreamers & healers of our world— this book is for you.  Through masterful story, Mariangela has the sacred gift of helping you tap into your reason for being in the world, the deeper calling of your Soul.  If you yearn to explore a greater possibility for your life The Mystic Woman’s Compass is a must read. Available directly from me, or from Amazon in paperback, hardback and Kindle versions

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2. The 3 Keys To Heal The Hidden Energy Leaks In Your Business

Free guide for healers, intuitives & empaths in business, so you can stop over-giving & finally claim the success you deserve, guilt-free. Break free of the shackles that keep you small, no longer question your intuitive decisions, and be unwavering with your certainty, grounded in your Wisdom, firm in your Strength, and rooted in your Truth.

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3.  Join a healing course to amplify your ability to make a difference in your life and the lives of others

If you’d like to work to me, to upgrade your healing potential by accessing ancestral wisdom, ignite your soul’s calling, connect deeply to the multi-dimensional spirit realms, and aligning the inner and outer world, to stand in the fullness of your Brilliance

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4. Work with me privately

If you’d like to work directly with me, to help your practice ascend to higher levels of influence and take a stand as a leader of your community… just reply to this message and put “Private” in the subject line… tell me a little about your business and what you’d like to work on together, and we’ll get you all the details!
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