In our Culture we tend to focus on what isn’t working, and there is no better time to shift your intention, during the holiday season.

So how do we move forward through the holidays full of so many mixed emotions?

1.    Embrace the parts of the holidays that you love and do away with the parts that you don’t. If the pressure of gift giving, holiday cards or decorating weighs too heavily, don’t do it. Take responsibility for the choice not to participate in spending more time or money than you have rather than feeling defeated because you “never got around to it.” If doing “it” will make you feel better, more joyous, make the choice (and the time) to honour your old traditions.

2.    Become a merry memory for someone else. When you feel loneliness, reach out and help others. Volunteer at the homeless shelter. Serve food for those less fortunate. Bring cheer to those in a retirement home.

3.    Make new memories and traditions. Focus on gratitude. Count your blessings. Create new traditions. Honour your creativity. Sing, dance, play an instrument, draw, paint, sculpt. Someday, these will be “the good old days” that we miss.

4.    Advance rather than retreat. There is no shortage of love on this planet. Just because some of the people, or all of the people, of your past have died or moved on, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other people to love. Rather than closing your heart in fear, open your heart to give and receive. Reach out to those reaching out to you.

5.    Celebrate your loved and lost ancestors. Bake their favourite food, buy yourself what you know they would have given you. Create a new ritual that allows you to honour their special place in your heart and yourself at the same time. Remember, they want you to be happy.

6.    Get into nature. Go to the beach, sit by a river and for those in the Northern hemisphere, build a snow man. Watch the light of the sun or the moon dance off the landscape. Nature is a great healer.

7.    Remain centred as the season progresses:

Recognize what your thoughts are:
Example: “That person is never happy. My family is dysfunctional. I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I don’t need this stress.”

To shift ANY situation, you must be true, honest, real with it.

Acknowledge WHO created:

We all contribute to the creation of our own reality. Which part do you play in feeling what YOU are feeling? Remember, you are responsible for YOUR thoughts, like attracts like energy.

Are you still holding another responsible for what you are feeling (responding to their energy) or are you able to detach and feel your own feelings without blame?

Forgiveness… of yourself, your parents, whoever you feel might’ve triggered your initial thoughts/reaction. Release the trigger deep breathing, a walk outside, interaction with a pet.

What do you want to believe instead? FEEL from inside your soul what you WANT to believe and live.
Allow the new belief to flow:


I am FREE.

I am LOVE.

I am JOY.




Now, feel the shift in your vibrational resonance.

Have a wonderful Christmas 🙂