Spring equinox have been performed for centuries, and it signifies the coming of the light, of warmth, of the return of life itself, the new beginning, and the seasonal rebirth. By practicing a ceremony, to awaken the dormant energies of nature, it restores balance as we come out of the darkness and into the light. To support the transition, it an important time to gather in a circle and create a rebirth altar. It is a sacred tradition to awaken spring through enacting sacred rites.

What do you want to revive in your life? Hope? Passion? Health? Following your heart? Work to business?

To help the new rise up, fuel the creative growth and shake off the sluggishness of winter becomes it’s important to reactivate your core energy.

Here’s a simple way to do that: Stand facing the sun each day. Feel its rays. Meditate on that which you desire to grow in your life.

After doing this, take a green ribbon and tie it to a branch of a flowering tree (jasmine, magnolia, or even a fruit tree is perfect – you need a strong branch – jasmine is also lovely, but use a lightweight ribbon. If you have two areas you desire growth in, choose two ribbons. Chose the colours to correspond to that which needs stimulation, weave your intent into the ribbon/s and tie them about your branch.

As the spring days gather, your plant will unfurl and reach towards the light, to activate the growth you need. There comes a time when staying dormant and static becomes far more uncomfortable than the pain we imagine risk taking, growth, reaching out is – and so spring is the time for personal growth – the timing means that any chances you take are in harmony with the energy of the season and so your chances of success are magnified. You will literally be going with the flow.

But back to the enchanted garden of spring ritual: If your plant flowers sooner than you expect, or if the flowers struggle to appear, these are all portents of your desires, and by reading the growth patterns of the flowers this spring, and for others in the future, you can see where you need to focus your energies.

Ritual for spring equinox – Decorate your altar:
• A cloth that represents spring, green or floral
• Something that represents fertility and awakening, fresh flowers
• Green and golden candles to represent rebirth (for the element fire)
• Seeds (for the element earth)
• Salt for the cleansing and purity of spirit and intent
• Spring water/dew from equinox morning (for the element water)
• A gemstone to represent your light (e.g. selenite, scolecite, clear calcite, quartz, or petalite)
• A gemstone to represent your shadow (e.g. black tourmaline, jet, golden sheen obsidian, or aegirine)
• A perfume or essential oil blend to integrate your light and shadow aspects

Light a stick of incense, copal, palo santo or sage smudge stick (for the element air)

Smudge the items you have gathered, to balance the light – yin – feminine and the shadow – yang – masculine.

Raise each object one after the other, and invoke the 4 directions and elements and guides

We Honour the Fertile Earth. We Honour the Warming Breezes.
We Honour the Waxing Light. We Honour the Nurturing Rains.
Welcome Spring, New Life to Bring, to Land, to Us, to All.
Welcome Spring, Rebirth we Sing, Within and ‘Round Us All.

Take a deep cleansing breath, and acknowledge on an energetic level that all these tools on the altar represent parts of you that need to be integrated into one dynamic whole expression. You are not just light or just shadow.

Set your intention to find a new balance, between light and dark, and infuse the strengths of both and integrate into your heart.

What do you want to revive in your life? Hope? Passion? Health? Following your heart? Work to business?

Write three intentions on the length of three separate ribbons.

Weave these together.

Place them on your magical altar

Thank the elements and the guardians and the Goddess


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