Have you been listening to your soul?

What is it calling you to do and be?

Can you hear the whispers, wanting you to accelerate your healing?

You are now ready to open to and receive your great power to not only heal your body, relationships, work and business…

But also contribute to the raising your vibration, to assist in the transformation of the planet.

Just imagine where you could be one year from now?…

When you have a trusted mentor to guide you through every step to become the full expression of all you are here to be.

I promise, I will support you powerfully into new patterns of openness, authenticity, abundance, health and fulfillment.

And that, together, we will unwind old beliefs and patterns, that have been holding you back.

My intention is to support you to be uplifted to a new level of wisdom, sacred gifts, and soul power, with new heights of discernment for knowing what’s right for you, and what is no longer working.

Alkymia Energie Healing: pathways to transformation:

* TRAININGS:  in how to be a healing channel: how to restore health, how to channel your healing in relationships, how to bring through your true purpose, how to make creating and manifesting effortless.  You’ll learn to channel all your 7 healing gifts and integrate them, that is when you’ll fully ignite your sacred power.

* CLEARINGS: Effortless and deep clearing on a regular basis will be an effective way to keep yourself clear of sabotage, fear, and the resistance that has been keeping you from channelling your true healing genius.  Clearing happens live at every call and works even if you are watching the recording afterwards.

:  The intentional field of the Alkymia Energie Healing provides a space where transformational energies are infusing within us all the time together.  Plus, in each call, new energies that attune you for what’s next, what’s effortless, and what opens your channel for your own unique genius-work to pour through.

* PERSONALIZED SUPPORT:  You have the opportunity in each call to ask questions, and to receive powerful energetic support and encouragement from the other Alkymia members, as a community we create a powerful web of support, encouragement, and love.

* PRIVATE COACHING GROUP: Our private group on Facebook provides a daily forum for members to get updated information, and to have direct personal support.

Join me for Level 1, it starts February 13th 2018