Numerology: December 2017

December 2017 = 12+ 2017= 3+ 1 = 4 Month 4: Responsibility, Hard Work, Organization, Planning, Take Care of Details, Concentration. Choose to align with this month, so you can experience Grace & Ease. It’s time to make good on all your commitments from last month and take responsibility by…

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Numerology November 2017

November (11 + 2017 = 3) PERSONAL MONTH 3: Fun, Joy, Celebrating Wins, Creative Self Expression, Social, Pleasure, Connections. In a 3 month, you will begin to see some ‘wins’ in your life, you will have that air of confidence that can make you alluring to others, thus things may…

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September Optimism 2017

September- Optimism: in Numerology, it’s a 9 + 2+ 0+1+7 = 1 This is a number 1 month: New Beginnings, Rebirth, Start of a New Cycle, Action, Change, New goals. This month represents new beginnings as you step into a whole new 9- month cycle of growth and evolution.  You…

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