Lunar Eclipse- Major Shake-up 💥

Do you feel like you’re stuck in the mud with your prosperity right now?

So many of my clients have had money triggers in the past 2 weeks.
This eclipse on 29th October, a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus (Earth) at 7:24 am AEST, has been stirred up and definitely highlighted old sabotaging patterns.

Subconscious beliefs about safety, and financial security are being illuminated.

💥 I remember my parents leaving everything behind in Chile, and coming to Australia with only $500.

💥 I remember when my mother had cancer and couldn’t work, and the hospital bills were piling up, and the home loan interest rates were at 18%. My dad just shuffled payments from one credit card to another. He was drowning in grief and debt.
I realised that “life is not safe, it’s overwhelming”

💥 I remember when I lost my father’s inheritance on a house I didn’t want to buy.
I knew that “I didn’t trust myself with money and others just spent my money.”

💥 I remember spending thousands on courses that left a bad taste in my mouth because they never lived up to the promised hype.
I found it hard to choose the right things that actually supported me, because “I didn’t trust my decisions.”

💥 All of that was stored not only in my memories, but at a cellular level, in my nervous system; I had a vibrational match for money loss. Any money that flowed in, flowed out just as fast.
💥 I was holding onto shame and regret.

What do you remember about money when you were growing up?

The significant eclipse creates a major shake-up for the next 6 months, affecting our relationship with money, and abundance and attracting prosperity and resources.

What has been coming up for you?

There will be a focus on releasing the memories and experiences related to family, friendships, and those trying to impose restrictions on us.

The eclipse can bring some unexpected shake-ups and developments, but will eventually open us up to new possibilities and realities. Whatever happens, is FOR the sake of our growth.

We are all experiencing “small deaths”, as those parts of our life that we no longer need are being shed. There is a re-alignment of your cells happening, which is guiding you away from struggle so that you can re-commit to the changes you know are necessary.

What’s not working and aligned with your true destiny is rising to the surface, and being amplified so that you can focus on releasing it.

Notice the hooks from the past that pull you back to a time when you felt disempowered and emotionally sapped, and this is a significant time to move past the pain and lift the pressure so that you can find a new level of freedom.

You are reminded that others’ drama is not your responsibility. Restoring your sacred power balance allows you to interact with others, security and prosperity from a higher vibration.

You would never have found your strength without all the challenges and struggles that tested your faith along the way. It is important to remember to take time to do nothing and just be, as it often brings everything back into perspective.

Without my financial struggles, I would not have released my inherited patterns and beliefs around money, so I could create a sustainable income to support my family for many years. As I shifted from scarcity to abundance, and activated my spiritual gifts, my lost money returned to me.
In my book, you can read more about how I moved out of lack and into prosperity, and how you can do it too (see below).

Journaling these questions will give more insights into how to move through this cycle: 

  • What has come to a close?
  • What am I hanging onto?
  • If I let that go, what would change in the next 6 months?

This Taurean eclipse is the perfect time to be practical about your life and review what it is you need to make your physical body and finances more comfortable. It brings with it a boost in self-worth, determination, focus, and ‘get things done’ energy.

So, to be a magnetic channel for money and good fortune, it is important to have a major detox and cleanse. Otherwise, your energy becomes stagnant and repels the fortunate opportunities you desire.

💥 YOUR FINANCIAL DETOX clears karmic vows, contracts, curses and ancestral beliefs that you carry, which repels your wealth and prosperity, and loss of abundance, being unlucky and unable to hold onto resources.

As you take the small steps, it does lead to big results. Now is the time to give yourself permission to lean into a new way, and shift what seems impossible to POSSIBLE.

Ready for your next-level energetic financial upgrade?

Establish a new stronger foundation of responsibility with money and finances. Trust that you can learn how to be a steward of abundance and money.

•    Let go of outdated expectations, clear money shame and regret.
•    Develop an optimistic abundant future vision of yourself and your life.
•    Tap into your prosperity guides to attract and hold onto greater wealth and success.

If you are ready to re-invent your money story, it will begin to shift everything, and ripple abundance out in all parts of your life. Get the same results, my thrilled clients have generated for themselves.
💥It only seems impossible until you do it.

If you are ready to embrace your prosperous future with excitement and inspiration, with a guide that can honour your tender heart and soul…

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