Relationship Lunar Eclipse 💫

Happy Equinox! It’s the start of the new astrological year and signals a great reset! 💫 It marks and anchors a new path and trajectory and allows you to recommit to your New Year’s resolutions as you envision the future you desire.

Focus on where you can bring more balance rather than burnout, connection rather than separation, and live from your heart and body rather than your worried mind.

Plus, we have a very potent partial Lunar Eclipse in Libra (air) on March 25th at 3 pm AEST, which offers an opportunity for significant cosmic life change.

It is one of the most impactful transits of the year, and it will ripple the changes for the next six months—blossoming all of your Heart connections…

Committing to an existing relationship or ending a stagnant relationship opens the golden door of opportunity for a new relationship and friendships to blossom. You may feel guided to spend much more time with family and friends, and forgiveness may be a big lesson.

This significant eclipse will bring karmic soul lessons that ask you to grow and evolve in your relationships. It is an opportunity to delve deep into your relational dynamics and transform them for the better.

The hidden shadow (unresolved childhood wounds of separation) will come to light and resurface so you can understand and heal them.

Memories may pop up, past hurtful experiences, about parents or siblings who bullied you, teachers who undermined your self-confidence, and colleagues or peers who made you feel left out or inadequate.

This eclipse is an invitation to break the chains, surrender unconscious relationship patterns, and embrace a new way. Re-assess the areas in your life where the shadow is showing up:

•    want to be rescued, so life is easier.
•    give away your power to others, or want them to take away your challenges.
•    become inflexible, unwilling to compromise.
•    trying to control others, or others wanting to control you.
•    uncommitted and give up, wanting to run in the opposite direction.
•   distrust and disappointment of others, frustrated that you can’t change them.

The irritations are the DENIAL of your shadow, where you haven’t acknowledged and owned your part from childhood, and have a tendency to blame others.

You might feel irritable, with amplified emotions from old dramas you thought were complete.

Well, you’re not alone.

Many of us, including myself, have relationship issues from vows or oaths we’ve made in past lives.

I had made many vows to sacrifice my needs so that others could survive and live.

If something is falling apart or some part of your life is contracting…

It may be connected to past lives caught up and entangled in other people’s drama, blocking your happiness and can be cleared easily and quickly.

This is the year when we can harness the power of the 🐲Wood dragon as an ally. It can wield its magic to break through the invisible barrier and open new doorways and paths for your desired life. 💫

You, too, can break free of the tension and struggle in your relationships, create a new level of relationship security, and truly step into a life of joy and harmony.

Remember, you are incredibly powerful.

You CAN rewrite your old stories to transform your relationship with yourself, your body, and others.

“What is coming to light, to be seen in a new way, a new perspective that I have not considered?” 

If you find yourself re-creating the patterns of the past, a simple shift toward openness, curiosity, and seeing things from a new perspective can bring surprises that open up the flow of love, communication, compassion, and mutually beneficial alignment.

You may sense a surge in momentum as you are guided to re-connect with the heart of your home or business, nesting and being of service.

Trust that something will be lining up for you and that synchronicity is opening the doors to being right on time and in the right place.

Affirm: ‘I am connected to my heart trust and reclaim my value”.

I invite you to connect to the Goddess Isis, bring her healing energy into your meditation, and let her golden rays of love repair your wounds of unworthiness and separation. By harnessing your gifts, she will restore unity and balance in all your relationships.

Join me as we travel in time and connect with the Goddess Isis. 

Her archetypal qualities are part of you, and she’s an extension of you. She will gather all your wounded, lost fragments and provide a deep integration process to restore compassion for what you have overcome, healing all relationships. The guided process will retrieve the missing element, that has kept you feeling that there is something wrong, flawed, or unlovable.

Are you ready to:
💫   transform your challenging relationships?
💫   overcome the shadow of comparisons?
💫   no longer compromise yourself?
💫   stop tolerating less than what you deserve.
💫   heals the wound of separation, abandonment and loss?
💫   unshackle from the generational conditioning passed down through the bloodline?

You have two choices: 
1: You keep waiting and continue the generational burden of being unfulfilled and not living your purpose.
2: You bravely decide to step onto the path to discover what your soul longs to bring back to life, let your heart unfold and blossom and restore joy, compassion, connection and trust.

And if you’re resonating with #2, I couldn’t be happier.
Because I am ready to welcome you with open arms to receive the powerful healing from the Goddess Isis.

Join the Goddess Isis: Healing relationships to reunite that part that has not been claimed.
❤️ Goddess Isis: Healing Relationships 

❤️ If you’d like to go deeper to clear a particular relationship pattern, open your heart, let it unfold, blossom and restore joy, connection and trust.

Let me take your hand in creating your personalised Relationship Eclipse RoadMap.

You can book your session here.

May the eclipse odds be in your favour 💫
Live on Purpose, change the World!  ❤️


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