Embrace Dragon Alchemy Power 🐲

In ancient times, many societies and cultures utilised the healing dragon energies. They were the keepers of ancient wisdom, and guardians of doorways to the elemental and galactic worlds.

For the last few years, I have tapped into and worked with the powerful healing dragon frequencies. I have been so excited, as it has helped me access deeper states of quantum healing that have sped up the results for myself and others. Woo Hoo!! 🎉

Unfortunately, during the Dark Ages, the patriarch, authorities, and the church twisted and distorted the dragon’s healing energies.

But the Chinese culture was not contaminated by the lies and has honoured the dragon for thousands of years.

On February 10, 2024, the Chinese Lunar New Year enters the Year of the 🐲Green Wood Dragon. This is the most powerful sign, symbolising power, strength, energy, good luck and prosperity.

In Chinese culture, the dragon is a majestic symbol that boosts confidence, ambition, fearlessness, and the ability to pursue dreams and goals.

The Wood Dragon will increase energy, renewed enthusiasm, and passion to fuel your personal, professional, and spiritual growth and fulfilment. It’ll enhance growth, success, initiation, new beginnings, great starts, and embracing change and expansion.

Embrace your inner dragon to alchemise your life. 🐲
The dragon represents connection, transformation, liberation, and the natural flow of life.
It guides you in making wise decisions about your health and abundant future. It provides new visionary insights to help you consider significant new options and choices.

Here are four ways the Dragon’s auspicious significance can manifest in your life:
🐲 Prosperity: Connect with the dragon’s mythical power to unlock doors to financial stability and growth and safeguard your abundant future.

🐲 Wisdom: Align with the dragon’s ancestral intelligence to make clear, empowered decisions with foresight, building relationships based on a foundation for long-term success.

🐲 Alchemy: Flourish with the dragon’s vitality to fearlessly chase your dreams, fuelled by boundless creativity, unwavering boldness, and courage.

🐲 Rejuvenation: Use the dragon’s quantum restorative blueprint to heal damaged and diseased cells back to balance, and slow down the aging process, by recalibrating and revitalising the DNA.

On this powerful day, we also have the Aquarius Super new moon, 10th February, 6:59 am AEST, and the double combination will bring a surge of inspiration to see beyond your limits.

There will be intuitive downloads and insights about new solutions to where you have been stuck. They will arrive like a lightning bolt – bringing brilliant new ideas and thinking out of the box, which will let the new opportunities flow in.

This is such an important time to SOAR to new heights and find your new wings.

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Live on Purpose … Change the World! ❤️


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